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Overall lens rating: * * * * -
Sigma 120-300mm F2.8 DG OS HSM "S"

Sigma 120-300mm F2.8 DG OS HSM "S"

A fast zoom with a moderately long reach. Good for sports and wild life featuring larger animals. It is too short for birding. This version of the 120-300mm was introduced in 2013.

Product Photos

Attached Image: Sigma_120_300_F2-8_DG_OS_HSM_137.jpg Attached Image: Sigma_120_300_F2-8_DG_OS_HSM_137_optics.jpg

Product Number: 137
Lens Category: Telephoto, Super Tele
Purchase Link: Buy Now at B&H Photo!
List Price (USA): $3,599
In Production: Yes
Format: FX (Full-Frame)
Optical Construction: 23 elements in 18 groups
Min. Focusing Distance (cm): 150
Max. Magnification (x): 0.12
Reproduction Ratio: 1:8.1
Coating Type: Super Integrated
Special Optical Elements: Extra-Low Dispersion Element(s) (ED)
Field of View (deg): 20 to 8
Max. Aperture: F2.8
Min. Aperture: F22
Number of Aperture Blades: 9
Rounded Aperture Blades: No
Aperture Ring: No
Focus Type: AF-S (Silent wave motor)
Focusing Modes: AF, M
Internal Focusing: Yes
Distance Scale: Yes
Macro: No
Stabilization: Yes
Weather Sealing: No
Tripod Collar: Yes
Internal Zooming: Yes
Filter Size (mm): 105
Max. Barrel Diameter (mm): 124
Collapsed Length (mm): 291
Weight (g): 3,390
Hood: LH-1220-01
In the Box: Hood, Soft Case
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2 Reviews

I have used this lens mostly indoor for a month now and here are my impression:



* It is a zoom, easier to crop in-camera.

* Good (comparing to other Sigma zooms) sharpness & color at f/2.8, much improve from there on.

* AF accuracy & speed is good.  I have <5% of hockey shots that lost focus.  It can keep pace up to ~ 3fps with D2X.

* OS works great.  Possible to hand held down to ~ 1/100 sec with static objects.

* AF speed & calibration, Distance limit & OS setting can be adjusted by user through an optional USB Dock.

* Good price point.  Similar to their 300mm F2.8.

* Stealthy black finish.  No silly red, green, gold line or pastel grey color.

* Monopod or gimbal head is a must.  A given for lens of this caliber.

* The zoom & focusing rings location & rotation are opposite to other manufacturers.

* The over-sized tripod foot block finger movement when using either the zoom or focusing rings.

* USB port is not build in.  An extra $60 for the USB Dock (and to lost!).


Following are few Hockey shots and size comparison with couple other Sigma Zooms.



I've had this about a month, I use it for sports shooting, mainly rugby union but have done one soccer game.


I get sideline access and can wander as I please. I use this hand-held with the OS set to panning mode (mode 2?). I try to keep the shutter speed up to get clearer shots and don't mind getting a bit of noise to accomplish this.


I have set the lens, via the usb dock, to fastest focus speed. I'm currently using a D300s and D7100.


So far so good with this lens. I am very happy with the results. I shoot always at f2.8, so the backgrounds are nice and blurry. I am getting sharp results. I do find 120mm too long at times, but you can't have everything. I used to use the Nikon 70-200/f2.8 with a 1.4x TC on, effectively f4. The extra light and extra blur at f2.8 is very nice to have. It is focussing fast and accurately and keeping up with players sprinting straight at me.


While it's heavy, and I am hand-holding, I use a BlackRapid strap so I can give my arms a rest every now and then, or if squatting down I can rest it on my leg in game down-time.


Cheaper than the Nikon 300/f2.8 prime I thin k this is a wise choice.