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Overall lens rating: * * * * -
AF-S Nikkor 50mm F1.4G

AF-S Nikkor 50mm F1.4G

A very fast aperture lens with built-in autofocus motor. On FX-format cameras the lens has a classic "normal" field of view and is suited for general photogrraphy. On a DX-format camera the lens is a shot tele suitable for portraits.

Product Photos

Attached Image: AF-S_NIKKOR_50mm_F1-4G_2180.jpg Attached Image: AF-S_NIKKOR_50mm_F1-4G_2180_optics.jpg

Product Number: 2180
Lens Category: Normal
Purchase Link: Buy Now at B&H Photo!
List Price (USA): $582
In Production: Yes
Year Launched: 2008
Format: FX (Full-Frame)
Optical Construction: 8 elements in 7 groups
Min. Focusing Distance (cm): 45
Max. Magnification (x): 0.15
Coating Type: Super Integrated
Field of View (deg): 46
DX Field of View (deg): 31.5
Max. Aperture: F16
Min. Aperture: F1.4
Number of Aperture Blades: 9
Rounded Aperture Blades: Yes
Aperture Ring: No
Focus Type: AF-S (Silent wave motor)
Focusing Modes: AF, M/A, M
Full-Time AF Override: Yes
Internal Focusing: No
Distance Scale: Yes
Macro: No
Stabilization: No
Weather Sealing: Yes
Tripod Collar: No
Filter Size (mm): 58
Max. Barrel Diameter (mm): 74
Collapsed Length (mm): 54.2
Weight (g): 280
Hood: HB-47
Case: CL-1013
In the Box: Hood, Soft Case
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4 Reviews

I purchased this lens about 8 months ago, I have probably shot more with it than any others since! It is super sharp when stopped down and has a sharp subject and great Bokeh when opened up. The color is Beautiful and Correct. I would recommend this lens!! I use it for many applications from car Shows to Portraits!

I have owned 3 different copies of this lens.


It's not blazingly sharp wide open but it's reasonably sharp. Stepped down it's razor sharp. I am big fan of f/1.4 glass I have 3 of them and this one does not dissapoint for such a cheap price.

I brought my One second hand from these guys https://www.facebook...40106799380769 

I would happily get another second hand lens from them as they allow you to feel and smell before you buy, The only give you 10 days warranty but even if you feel you don't like the lens during that period they let you bring it back.


I think this is a fantastic lens even on a DX sensor, it makes for a beautiful portrait lens with some amazing background blur (Bokeh).


Its sharp and hits the focus every time. I really enjoy and find confidence in the build of it and its quite and smooth.


Using this on a FX is amazing its small inconspicuous and fast, like REALLY fast, as soon as i put the camera to my eye the lens ail focus and shoot in one press of the shutter.


Its a little slower in darker situations but still manages to get that spot and get the photo, so many dark places iv been able to shoot with just the natural light because of this amazingly open lens.


honestly, happiest buy I have ever made.

I recently picked up one of these lenses from B&H Photo during Nikon's recent rebate program. I don't regret the purchase.


The lens is about what you might expect in a moderately priced super fast lens. It's not real sharp wide open although it's not as soft as I expected it to be. Bokeh is amazing though. The nine rounded blade aperture mechanism works magic at any position but is amazing from around f4 to wide open. However, this same aperture range suffers significant chromatic aberration. Some but not all of which is correctable in lightroom or photoshop.


Focus is a mixed bag. I honestly expected it to focus faster than it does. It also tends to hunt focus at times. Particularly in low light. Fortunately, it features full time AF override so when the lens struggles, you can take matters in hand. The specs above are incorrect in one focusing aspect. At least my copy of this lens does focus internally. The lens does not include VR. 


So far I've only used this lens on DX so my comments are limited to cameras with that sensor. On DX it makes a great short, fast telephoto that's good for portrait or still life photography. The combination of shallow depth of field and incredible bokeh are magic when photographing these subjects.  


It uses 58mm filters which means you may have to buy special filters just for this lens, or use step up rings. It also includes a nice bayonet lens shade which can be reversed for storage. Lastly it includes a small pouch for storage. Mine is still in the box.


One note on the lens shade. Someone at Nikon should take a hint from Pentax and copy or license Pentax's polarizer door design. There's no way to use a polarizer on this lens with the shade installed. However, this is also true of all other Nikon lens shades and is not a criticism of this particular lens.


Overall, this is a good lens and when used judiciously can reward the photographer with great photos.