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Overall lens rating: * * * * *
AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm F1.8G

AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm F1.8G

Product Photos

Attached Image: AF-S_DX_NIKKOR_35mm_f1-8G_2183.png Attached Image: AF-S_DX_NIKKOR_35mm_f1-8G_2183_optics.jpg

Product Number: 2183
Lens Category: Wide-Angle, Normal
Purchase Link: Buy Now at B&H Photo!
List Price (USA): $240
In Production: Yes
Year Launched: 2009
Format: DX (APS-C)
Optical Construction: 8 elements in 6 groups (1 asph. element)
Min. Focusing Distance (cm): 30
Max. Magnification (x): 0.16
Coating Type: Super Integrated
DX Field of View (deg): 44
Max. Aperture: F1.8
Min. Aperture: F22
Number of Aperture Blades: 7
Rounded Aperture Blades: No
Aperture Ring: No
Focus Type: AF-S (Silent wave motor)
Focusing Modes: AF, A/M, M
Full-Time AF Override: Yes
Internal Focusing: No
Distance Scale: Yes
Macro: No
Stabilization: No
Weather Sealing: No
Tripod Collar: No
Filter Size (mm): 52
Max. Barrel Diameter (mm): 70
Collapsed Length (mm): 52.5
Weight (g): 200
Hood: HB-46 (included)
Case: CL-0913 (included)
In the Box: Hood, Soft Case
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14 Reviews

Cheap and none the worse for that .... sharp as a thing that is very sharp. Quick focusing. Good bokeh (though maybe not the best in all circumstances) Good maximum aperture. Some may bemoan the lack of manual aperture control and no depth of field scales. Quite honestly I don't miss them. At the price point I wonder if the 1.4 is worth the extra money. Also the lens makes my DSLR a pleasure to handle smaller than the kit lens and much lighter. Impressive for a budget lens it has a metal mount with rubber seal and It doesn't rotate when focusing.,,,, what more could you want in a standard lens ?

Thinking about it ? ,,,, go on buy it. 

What a great little lens.  Inexpensive, sharp, light, fast, with great bokeh.  You can find this guy everyday for under $200 (B&H @ $196.00), and its worth every penny.

This is a fantastic lens for the fact you have access to F/1.8.

Works brillantly @ f/2.8 and would give the 24-70 f/2.8 a run for its money.

Cheap and functional.Look it up and keep shooting



This is my first prime len. I love it. Its cheap and deliver awesome quality image. 

I wanted a prime lens as I wanted to expand my photography with my D5100, and I love it! It stays on my camera now, and now my everyday lens. Bokeh isn't always so smooth but I still love it. Not too hard of a hit to the wallet either. 

Very versatile for me :)

Great lens great price. I would highly recommend it to everyone. 

Found this lens on ebay auction...got it for $168. Anxious to get it and learn to use it :)

Fantastic lens works great and on a Crop sensor acts as what my 50mm would be on a full frame, its a brilliant little worker and honestly, needs to be in everyones camera bag.


The f/1.8 aperture means you can shoot where other lenses can't and just with the natural light available.


If you are reading this, then you have been thinking about getting it, And from what i tell my friends and after they have it, its a no brainer really you wont ever know how you lived without it.

YAY! It came yesterday. So excited!

Of all my lenses this is the one i use the most!


X-ray of the lens


I love my 35 1.8G, hands down must own lens. 


Even though it's a DX lens I use it on my FX D800 and only get a little bit of vignetting.

A less expensive lens that packs a punch! This is now the only lens I normally use, which is great not only because of the stunning clarity, but the nice size as well. I use this for filming almost constantly. If I wouldn't have bought it I would have gone with a 50 mm, but this seems like it was the better lens to go with. If you're debating between the two, here's your sign. Purchase the 35 mm and walk a couples steps forward or backwards, its worth it.

Hi, I've had this lens for a year now & used fairly regularly.  However, recently I've had a few shots where my Nikon D3100 has focused on the 'background', when there have been very obvious subjects. I've not noticed this with my other lenses (18-55mm / 55-200mm DX lenses).  Has anyone else had this issue?  I've started a query with Nikon as it is less than 1 year old (so may need to replace under warranty).  Example photo below (the camera focused on 2 points on the rear wall, instead of the foreground people).

DSC1784 noeyes

If you have The 18-55 and 55-200 then you should get the 35 mm F1.8 DX as a standard lens as it is great for out door portraits ie weddings also street scenes I use this lens on My F 65 film camera as well as My D 3200 ( The F 65 has 3D colour matrix metering and works The DX Lens silent wave AF Motor as well as G lens/camera bodies AF motor). Its fast and gives a bright view finder image,even on The F 65 there is  no vignetting.I have had no focusing problems if you are then its your cameras focusing on points as I can see in your images under different/difficult  lighting sources suggest you use single point AF and focus on main subject (focus lock) then alter your exposure to suit in these conditions