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Nikon Exhibits at Photo Plus in NYC

Nikon is currently exhibiting at the Photo Plus tradeshow in New York City, an anual event that's the largest photo industry exposition in the US. This year, Photo Plus will run until 4pm on Saturday, October 26th in the Javits Convention Center. It's free to attend as long as you register ahead of time!

Today, we stopped by the Nikon booth at the show to bring you photos of some of the new products that are on display! Nikon's booth can clearly been from the main entrance, and it dominates the show floor together with Canon and Sony. Read on for a picture tour of the exhibit!

Attached Image: IMG_5053.JPG

The booth consists of six key areas: a mock movie studio featuring the D610, D7100, D800 and D4 HDSLRs and models, a "lens bar" allowing attendees to try out various Nikkor lenses, a telephoto lens exhibit, an area to take test photos with various DSLRs like the D5300, a Coolpix compact camera display, and a Nikon 1 AW1 display. There were also a few static displays spread throughout the booth.

The booth attracted a large crowd today and was more or less packed at all times:
Attached Image: IMG_5216.JPG Attached Image: IMG_5113.JPG

Below is the D610, Nikon's latest full-frame DSLR that works great for shooting video:
Attached Image: IMG_5108.JPG Attached Image: IMG_5103.JPG

Attendees could try out the D610 as well as other HDSLRs in this mock studio, which featured models, special lighting, and HDTV monitors with the live view image from each camera.
Attached Image: IMG_5110.JPG

The D5300, Nikon's new Wi-Fi/GPS-enabled entry-level DSLR, was on display together with the recently-announced 18-140mm kit lens:
Attached Image: IMG_5079.JPG

Nikon also showed off the waterproofing of the new AW1 underwater mirrorless camera:
Attached Image: IMG_5094.JPG Attached Image: IMG_5084.JPG

Here's one of the static lens displays:
Attached Image: IMG_5080.JPG

One could of course also walk up to the "lens bar", an area where Nikon representatives were available to answer questions and let you test any lens in their lineup. Among the lenses available was the new 58mm F1.4 premium prime lens, though according to Nikon, the one they had on hand was just a prototype.
Attached Image: IMG_5111.JPG

Finally, those wanting to test Nikon's professional telephoto lenses had the opportunity to do so using a number of mounted setups:
Attached Image: IMG_5120.jpg

We hope you enjoyed our quick tour of the Nikon booth at Photo Plus!



Wow.  I like the idea of the lens bar!

Cool! That looks great. Some amazing bits of gear there, a bit far for me to travel though unfortunately. Do they have any shows like this in the uk?

Cool! That looks great. Some amazing bits of gear there, a bit far for me to travel though unfortunately. Do they have any shows like this in the uk?

In 2014 there'll be Photokina in Germany. I'm sure there are some smaller expos in the UK as well.

that D610 is pretty appealing!!