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"Best of 2014" Photo Contest Winners

Mar 16 2015 01:31 PM | Adam
We are happy to finally announce the winners of our January "Best of 2014" photo contest!

Forum member Michael S won first place with "Barn Owl", which he shot with a Nikon D7100:

Posted Image

XxczzyxX is our runner-up with "Light", taken with a D3100:

Posted Image

And our honorable mention is forum member pantherimages with "Foggy Eeriness". This photo was taken with a D7000:

Posted Image

We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate our winners once again, and we're looking forward to seeing your submissions in this month's Wildlife photo contest.

Voting for our February "Landscape" photo contest will begin shortly, but until it does, you can rate and comment on your favorites in the contest gallery. Good luck to those who entered!
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Nikon D7200 Announced

Mar 02 2015 08:18 PM | Adam
Nikon has just announced its latest DSLR: the D7200, an enthusiast-level DX body slated to replace the D7100.

Attached Image: 91853618981.jpg

Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC is the key new addition to the D7200. In other areas, the D7200 makes incremental improvements over its predecessor:
  • a newer 24.2-megapixel sensor with a base ISO range of 100-25,600
  • ISO expandable up to 102,400 in B&W mode
  • a larger continuous buffer storing up to 100 JPG and 27 RAW frames
  • 1080/50p and 1080/60p video recording in 1.3x crop mode
  • improved low-light AF working in as little as -3EV of ambient light
From a physical standpoint, the D7200 is nearly identical to the D7100. It is weather sealed, weighs in at just 675 grams, and boast a high-resolution 3.2" LCD. The full specifications are available in our camera database.

The D7200 will start shipping in roughly two weeks. It is expected to arrive by March 19th in the US and it will retail for $1199.95.

Click here to pre-order your D7200 at B&H Photo
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Nikon D810a Announced

Feb 11 2015 12:54 PM | Adam
Nikon has just announced a real treat for astrophotographers: the new D810a is a special version of the acclaimed Nikon D810 with various optimizations for shooting the night sky.

Attached Image: d810a.jpg

Its highlights include:
  • a modified IR filter with much greater sensitivity to H-alpha red tones (656nm)
  • exposures up to 15 minutes w/o a remote
  • unlimited interval shooting at 4s or longer exposures
  • virtual exposure preview in live view
  • base ISO range of 200-12800, expandable to 32-51200
While not cheap at $3799 (USA), the D810a is the first FX-format DSLR designed for astrophotography. It will be interesting to see what it's capable of!

The D810a is expected to ship in late May, 2015 and it will be on display at the upcoming CP+ 2015 trade show in Tokyo.
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"Holiday Spirit" Photo Contest Winners

Feb 01 2015 04:04 PM | Adam
Today, we're happy to announce the winners of our December 2014 "Holiday Spirit" photo contest, the start of our February "Landscape" photo contest, and the beginning of the nomination phase for our January "Best of 2014" photo contest. Follow the links below to enter in this month's contest and check out last month's submissions:Without further ado, forum members AtomicPunk and revans were tied for second place with "Christmas 2014" and "Xmas Spirit Shelf Elf Style":

Posted Image

Mr_Leeman was our winner with "Merry Silhouette". We will be receiving a $50 gift card to B&H Photo.

Posted Image

We look forward to your participation in this month's photo contest. Congratulations!

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Nikon D750 Service Bulletin

Jan 14 2015 12:55 PM | Adam
Nikon USA has recently issue a service bulletin that acknowledges an unusual flare issue in the D750. If you've been affected by this problem, you can send the camera in for service and Nikon will repair it free of charge.

Details can be found in the official statement below:
To users of the Nikon D750 digital SLR camera	

Thank you for choosing Nikon for your photographic needs.

On December 29, 2014, we announced that we were looking into measures to address the issue reported by some users, namely that when photographing scenes in which an extremely bright light source, such as the sun or high-intensity lighting, is positioned near the top edge of the frame, flare with an unnatural shape sometimes occurs in images captured with the D750 digital SLR camera.

To correct this issue, Nikon will inspect and service, at no cost, the camera’s light-shielding components and adjust the AF sensor position.  We plan to initiate this service at the end of January and will announce further details, including instructions for requesting servicing, shortly.

Please direct inquiries regarding this matter to Nikon Customer Relations by phone at 1-800-Nikon US (1-800-645-6687), 9AM–8PM EST, Monday to Friday (closed certain holidays) or online here.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused, and ask for your continued patience and understanding.

Once again, thank you for choosing Nikon for your photographic needs.
You can contact Nikon to request service via this page, or give them a call at 1-800-645-6687.
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Beginner Questions 12 Sep 2021
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