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09 February 2019 - 10:27 AM

So last week I picked up a Wacom Intuos S pen tablet. This is their smallest (and cheapest) tablet, at around US$70. It is connected via USB, with a BlueTooth version available for about $10 more, and a larger version (the M) for about $200.
As I am not an artist, I thought the smaller one would be fine for my intended usage, which is a pen interface for better control over selections and brushing, and pressure sensitivity for variable flow with dodging/burning and masking overlays and adjustment layers.
For such a minimal outlay of cash, it has exceeded my expectations by an order of magnitude. The software has come a long way since I last worked with a Wacom device, and is configurable in a myriad of ways on a per program basis.
There are plenty of reviews online so I won't go into any more detail (unless any of you have questions). Suffice it to say it has significantly increased my productivity in post, and if you're still mousing around with selection and brush tools it is definitely worth a look.

sixteen by nine

09 February 2019 - 09:43 AM

Given we've lived in a 16 by 9 media world for the better part of the last ten years… i.e. most of us view photos posted on a 16x9 display (TV's, computer screens, phones), I can't help wonder why that, with the exception of video, I rarely see images in this aspect.
Do you ever compose with 16x9 in mind when shooting? Do you ever crop or print to 16x9? If not, why not? Are there actual reasons why you don't… or is it just due to the viewfinder being 3x2, or that print services offer mainly either 3x2 or 5x4 aspect sizes?
Would you be interested in participating in a challenge requiring composition and deliverables only in 16x9?

Adobe DNG

21 November 2018 - 02:27 PM

This question is for the true Adobe diehards here...


It's no secret I am not a fan of Adobe (and I used to work for them), but I have a new workflow that "may" force me to use their DNG Converter.
My Raw converter of choice (DxO PhotoLab 2) does not currently support some high rez RAW files I'll be shooting. So I am forced to use an intermediate step. That can either be SilkyPix to TIFF (which creates a darn near half GigaByte image file), or use Adobe DNG Converter (which downsizes the 130+ MB RAW file to 20-50 MB).
Obviously, seeing 70% of the file's data go the way of the dodo has me concerned. Should I be?

Pretty Cool Rig

03 November 2018 - 01:10 AM


Modding softbox to strip...

23 October 2018 - 01:06 PM

So I have more soft boxes and other light mods than I care to list here, but I am looking for some narrower light for some new projects. I could add to the collection with a couple of strip boxes, OR...

Would I get a similar result from creating something like this?


As you can see I am looking for a 9"x36" strip... but is there any reason why either of these two mods would not give similar results of an actual 9x36 box short of a little less efficiency of output?