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Blog Entries

K-9's Blog > Cinematography / photography tie in

Posted 05 March 2014

I feel that the best cinematographers have that photographic eye. The ability to compose a scene which in itself, can speak even louder than what the actors are saying. It is an intricate skill where most movie goers may not even notice. I wonder if the fact that I'm a photographer makes me enjoy films with stunning cinematography more than the person who...

K-9's Blog > Don't say it, Yelp it

Posted 12 January 2014

I find Yelp an interesting entity. While I admit, I do look at Yelp reviews of certain businesses before using them, I only take certain types of them seriously. This is mainly because Yelp seems to have taken on a sort of "clique" or unique writing style, I would describe as a generic, friend friendly blog. What I mean by "friend friendly" is how the rev...

K-9's Blog > Photography just comes naturally to the master artist

Posted 05 November 2013

I feel like the photographer who is a skilled artist pays more careful attention to composition and subject matter, while the non-artist focuses on the technical details of the shot. The artist puts the camera to their eye and it's framing they're thinking about, while the non-artist is thinking about the settings of the camera. The artist uses the techni...