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Member Since 01 Oct 2013
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Blog Entries

JoyN87's Blog > Wow, has it been this long? (Finally got a DSLR!)

Posted 25 July 2015


It's been awhile since I came to this site. I took a little break and I'm back here. I finally got a digital camera, Nikon D7100 (still good!). The camera is crisp and fantastic to enjoy, although it was incredibly complicated to use the camera for the first time. For instance, I was having a hard time to understand the buttons and the "other" sid...

JoyN87's Blog > Are some professional photographers...jerks?

Posted 19 October 2013

I'm hoping if I become a professional photographer (or a Pro-Amateur Photographer), I will not act as a jerk to a novice photographer to anyone who are trying to learn to use the camera. Many times I see some photographers who are preparing for a project, I see cockiness and arrogance in their face acting like they are on top of the world. They even show...

JoyN87's Blog > HELP: Negative films

Posted 08 October 2013


Does anybody know which negative films are the best, whether it's a color or b&w? So far, I had use so many fuji films (superia 400 and proH 400) and one b&w ilford film. Any help? For those who had experienced film photography, please help me.

JoyN87's Blog > Your Own Photography Style

Posted 07 October 2013

It's really tough and difficult to find your own style when you're new with photography. It's not easy to wake up one day and say "Hey! I found a style." That's completely untrue. It will take days, weeks, and years to excel and to master it. Unless you know what you're doing. Find your own niche whether it is landscapes, photojournalism, fashion, portrai...

JoyN87's Blog > Crap Happens

Posted 05 October 2013

I know, I know, I would have said the "other" word that rhymes with "hit" but I don't think the administrator would like that. So I stick with "Crap." Here are my flaws. Comment if you have your problem finding ways to take a great picture, but ended so badly.