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In Topic: Have you heard about NEW & FREE Nikon's NX Studio?

29 May 2021 - 08:30 AM

I have the NX Studio v1.0.0 64 bit version, and it was free.

In Topic: Second body advice/recommendations

06 May 2021 - 09:09 AM

In the film days, photographers would carry a second or even a third body with them - one for colour film, one for black & white film, and possibly a third with high speed B&W film in case of low light conditions. Mind you this was mainly the setup for press and news photographers. These days you can accomplish all this with one DSLR camera.


So the big question is: what do you need the second camera for? Answering this question will help you decide on what to get. Will the second body be used for the same type of photography as the D850, or mainly video, or high speed photography, or a different area of photography to what you normally shoot?


I have a D850 as well with an excellent compliment of lenses. I wanted the high resolution images that the 850 could give me. I take mainly nature shots - birds, small animals etc., and landscape photos. My second camera choice was one to compliment my repertoire of subject matter. I settled on a Z 7 for three reasons. 1) - It was the same high resolution as the 850, which I was accustomed to working with in post. 2) - The Z 7 could use the same lenses with the F2Z adaptor. Note: the cost of a camera body is nothing compared to the cost of quality glass. And finally, 3) - I love new technology in everything, so I wanted to experience the Mirrorless arena because I think this is the future direction of digital cameras.


I use my F lenses on both bodies but I’m slowly adding a limited number of Z glass - with the advantages offered by the new Z mount. I guess that about sums up my reasons for a second body choice. I’m sure other photographers will have their own. Good luck on your choice...

In Topic: Sedge Wren.

27 April 2021 - 03:19 PM

He had a one month contract with me so I made him come back. 

In Topic: Sharpness issue with Nikkor 200-500mm lens on Z 7.

06 April 2021 - 08:50 AM

I use a fast shutter speed to stop the birds movements because they are very twitchy, and I use the VR to stop hand trembling with a hand held 500mm. I seem to need both. I guess my question was: does the Z 7/200-500 stop hand trembling as effectively as the D850/200-500? My experience suggest "NO" it doesn't. Since I don't have a Z 200-500 lens I can't test the effectiveness of the Z 7's built in VR. I'll stick to the D850 for bird shots for now. Thanks for the advice and suggestions everyone.

In Topic: Sharpness issue with Nikkor 200-500mm lens on Z 7.

05 April 2021 - 02:10 PM

Have you tried shooting both without the fill flash and with all VR turned off? 1/1000 should be fast enough that the VR works against, rather than for you.


At what aperture opening do you have the sweet spot on this sample of the 200-500. The two I have tried were markedly sharper at f/7.1 than f/8 and 500 mm focal length on high resolution bodies.


Actually I have the aperture set to 7.1 on both cameras.


Yes I also shoot without the fill flash but find the detail a little lacking if the subject is in the shade. I've never tried the VR turned off on either camera because hand holding a 500mm is pretty shaky. I'll give it a try on the Z 7 though, since it's the one giving me the poorer results. The D850 seems to be OK. 


Would you say that the VR on both cameras offer the same steadiness with this lens?