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In Topic: Welcome To Nikon Forums!

15 January 2015 - 02:18 AM

Hi. I just joined. A pic will shortly follow when I figure that out. I have not belonged to a forum before. I am excited to keep learning about my Nikon and workflow. I am from California but now live in Maryland. I have starteda photography business and hope to learn more to be successful in my area.

Hi there, I have just joined too! Maybe we could be friends and help each other out on our Nikon cameras. Mines a D7000 what's yours?

In Topic: Welcome To Nikon Forums!

15 January 2015 - 02:15 AM

If you're new to our community, we invite you to start a thread in this forum to introduce yourself to other members.  We hope you enjoy the forum!

Hi Adam and other members, I am Chriss I have recently taken photography to the next level....by this I mean not just snapping family, holiday and outing pictures for memories.
I am learning about Aperarture, focusing, programmed, single shots, macro, zooming, and all the other technical jargon that goes with using a DSLR CAMERA. Mine is D7000.... Yep....started big! I've used film and digital cameras in the passed and thought it was time to go with what the big boys use.
I do love taking pictures especially birds and flowers....though I have shown to be quite good with buildings and architecture....oh animals in Safari is another of my favourites as I have a place not far to travel to, Yorkshire Wildlife Park near Doncaster....I recomend this...when I went I couldn't beleive the amount of photographers there......crazy but true...all with big guns (lenses).
What would be truly great is if I could start selling my photo's to magazines or the paper, though I have many time had my picture in the local paper but only for the Camera Club as they call it.
I will try and post my photos when I have made them smaller as I noticed with this site which can be time consuming and doesn't give my photography justice as the quality and sharpness can be lessened.

Any way hope to here from you novices and give me helpful tips on how to get the best out of my Nikon D7000!
Buy for now.....