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Member Since 28 Jun 2014
Offline Last Active Jun 23 2019 08:58 PM

I am still here

24 February 2018 - 07:21 PM

Sorryall.I am still here . Just having a LOT of browser problems. I can get on here and Pentax Forums using microsoft Edge. on and able to do anything other than just browse. I have switched to back to   Fire Fox since Edge is being scammed and my keys continually redirect me to a scam page.  I end up having to depower and reboot to get out of the loop. Fire Fox does not do this. Problem is Fire Fox only lets me browse these 2 forums. I can not post anything using Fire Fox. These 2 forums seem the only ones being effected on FF. It took me 3 tries to get on here tonight  on Edge to post this. Just to let you all know I am not gone. I am checking in , just having a lot of problems with my browsers. .  Hopefully I can get this fixed before to long.  

Advice needed

04 January 2018 - 06:07 PM

My FM2 has died again. I had it repairedonce but the Mirroris stuck in the up position and other than pulling it down by hand ( it goes backup when I let go of it) it will not come down. I  still have the FE that works but am considering An FA or even an F4  Not sure which would be better for a replacement. I am leaning towards an F4. any thing I might need to be aware of with either of these bodies? what to look out for etc. If I get on and it needs attention is there someone that is reliable to repair either   

My film cameras are dying

11 March 2017 - 06:05 PM

A few months ago My FM2 developed film advance issues. I can only advance the lever with the release ( for multiple exposures ) Held. that is after removing the bottom plate to release the arm manually. The shutter button is not set so I cannot trip the shutter. Today I went to load a roll of film in my FE and after tripping the shutter in several settings I moved it to AUTO.  like it was on it now has the same issues as the FM2 I can not advance the film lever nor trip the shutter. I am looking for ideas, before I get ticked enough to just rip one of them apart. I am now own to only having 2 35mm film bodies working and they are my K1000 and a Pentax ZX L. None of my Nikon bodies  are working.


I am open to suggestions since I really do like these 2 cameras but I do not want to just replace them. The FM2 is my avatar here.

I'm still here

09 March 2017 - 08:46 AM

Sorry for not posting much lately. The pain in my knees has gotten so bad I finally had surgery. I had 2 tears in the meniscus and arthritis in my right knee. I am now down to one crutch to get around. Hopefully I can be crutch  and pain free in a few days. Makes doing anything very time consuming  since I can only carry one item at a time and it needs to be light. Stairs are a nightmare as well.   With any luck at all I can be back to being active with my camera next week. 


Just an update on why I haven't been posting much lately.