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In Topic: NX Studio popup

28 August 2023 - 03:18 AM

thanks Peter and Ron - drag and drop does appear to work without opening "conversion" popup and no dupes created in "Pictures" - should be interesting to see what Nikon support come up with, I'll post any workaround they suggest, I prefer the right click method but I guess I'll have to use drag and drop as my workflow norm for the present

In Topic: NX Studio popup

27 August 2023 - 05:01 AM

Hi Ron


thanks for the reply - the files are already 16 bit Tiff files converted from 14 bit NEF files - I'd already gone through options and not found anything to adjust this behaviour - I've contacted Nikon support to se if they have a workaround for this behaviour, if they do give a solution I'll post it - the behaviour is not deal breaking for using NX studio however it is annoying when an unnecessary step is introduced every time you edit a file - with my workload that can sometimes be over a hundred times a day - a further problem with this is that if I'm right clicking on the file to open and edit with Photoshop it creates a duplicate file in my C: drive "pictures" folder -  Nikon support have set this new behaviour "This is done to safeguard the file prior to any changes made to the 3rd party software, and can't be prevented. As a workaround, you can select option2 (Destination for Files Opened in Other Applications) to be sent to the recycle bin, making it easier to delete these files afterwards. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused." - There is a setting to change the save location to another drive rather than "Pictures" however this is not much use if you work with multiple external drives - at present the new version of NX Studio is resulting in me continually have to reset options and delete duplicate files - all of which is increasing my daily workload - not a great update -I'm going to have to find an old version if Nikon support can't come up with a workaround

In Topic: New post awaiting admin approval

20 August 2023 - 05:41 AM

Hi same question - I joined 18 Aug 2023 and have tried posting to the Post-Processing, Printing, and Scanning forum - but I've not seen post or seen as pending approval - have I not been posting posting correctley ?