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Member Since 23 Dec 2022
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Gates & Fence

23 March 2023 - 01:06 PM

Attached File  New_Gates1.jpg   451.88KB   10 downloadsAttached File  New_Gates2.jpg   100.51KB   10 downloadsAttached File  New_Gates3.jpg   111.39KB   10 downloadsAttached File  New_Gates4.jpg   144.38KB   10 downloadsThe original wooden gates and adjoining fence, fell victim to the heat, humidity, harsh Texas sun and all around decay since "new" in 2008.


So, having to replace them, I decided to fabricate a steel frame, so as to prevent "sagging" in the future.  The main posts are 3"x3" inside dimension Structural Steel square tubing..  Primary Gate Frames are 1"x1" I.D. structural square tubing.  Diagonal braces are 1/2" square tubing.


Hinges are 3/16" plate, and came with no screw holes, as they're made to be welded, and so, I did.  All open ends of square tubing had "caps" welded on and ground flush, so there will be no water intrusion anywhere in the structure.  These won't be rusting from the inside out.


All wood was coated with Thompson's Timber Oil, before assembly, in the "Teak" color, which will give 2 or 3 years of decent protection.


All welds were done with a bottom-tier MIG machine.  I'm NOT a welder, but I can put some things together and they do not break.  What I do have a knack for though, is accurate measurements, layout and execution.  


And I swing a mean angle-grinder, making ugly welds beautiful to the untrained eye!  lol


So, this is what I've done on some days off over the past couple of weeks.  Glad to finally have it DONE!

Went n' did it.

09 February 2023 - 11:14 PM

I found the last two items on my "list" on eBay, and have made the buys.


A near-mint Billingham System 1 camera bag (beige).  I would've liked to have found Olive Drab, but wasn't going to pass up this bag, in this fine condition, at a price a good $100 less than it's similarly listed peers.




A very minty RMC Tokina 17mm f/3.5 manual focus, rectilinear wide angle lens.  I once owned it's twin.  It's a lens whose language I speak, and I can't wait to become reacquainted with another of the line.


So now, I'm down to small bits, such as a cleaning kit, spare batteries and other such that'll go in the bag.


The only bad news now, is I'll have no lack of equipment on which to blame my mediocrities!  LOL


Seriously though.  I'll be posting more in the days and weeks ahead.


Thank you one and all for your friendship, help, encouragement and yes, CRITIQUE!

First Day on the Job

04 February 2023 - 11:28 PM

This is from the first outing I made with the then (new to me) Nikon Df.


Obviously, I hadn't learned how to lead the action and let the autofocus lock in, but it'll do for now, because Rookie Mistake, and also, because it's a compelling eye-lock with the dancer's eyes, and if I could crop the image as I want, I'd have a bit tighter framing of her to present.


I did not forget my learning of Henri Cartier-Bresson and his Decisive Moment, from my photo-class days.


Good news?  I've found a good digital photo tutor, and now I'll be able to learn more of the Black Magic built into the camera, and maybe also come up to speed with a bit of post-processing ability.

Baby steps, folks.  I'm here wobbling along, taking baby steps.


28 January 2023 - 10:23 PM

When I bought my Nikon Speedlight, the seller kicked in an AF Nikon 50mm f/1.8, D , serial #322241.  (made in China)  It is NOT a "G" series lens, there's an actual aperture ring to be grabbed. 


note:  It is a "screw-drive" AF linkage.  The Df is said to be good with such, but confirmation is welcome.


Everything seems to work, but I do get the Red Grid in the Df viewfinder.  Such as one would with a non-full-frame lens.  Is this one such?


If indeed it is, I'll have it promptly up for sale in the Classifieds.  


So, duly submitted for y'all's expertise.  Much thanks in advance!

Tandem Jeep

25 January 2023 - 12:05 PM

Spotted at the JFK Blvd. "Cel-Fone Lot" at IAH Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston, TX.  


I'd tapped on the window of the Jeep, and got the owner's permission to take the photos.  Similar to when I got permission to photograph a rather minty Porsche 944, but alas, I'm not pleased enough with my efforts there to post even a single frame from that effort.


Nikon Df, AF Nikkor 28-105 f/3.5~4.5 D.  You'll have to pull data from the meta, I don't know how to DO that, as yet.  The only edit tool in my laptop was Paint 3D, and I couldn't use the "crop" feature in it, or I would have done so.  Other than scaling down the huge RAW file, I've not post-processed this in any way.  (filed under, things I still gotta learn)