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Member Since 27 Apr 2022
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Migrating: d850 -> Z9

27 April 2022 - 08:03 PM

Hello all,

I'm new to this forum, new to the Z9, but have used Nikon DSLRs since about 1999 with the original D1.

Received my Z9, trying to migrate my brains and experience from my d850 and D4s.

Just one question for the moment:  How do I change my exposure metering from Matrix to Center to Spot?  All prior cameras had a dedicated button somewhere on the top of the camera body, and switching meant pushing on this button and using a command dial.  Simple, easy to find, fast.

Nothing like that that I can find.  The extensive manual describes each of these functions, but doesn't say HOW.

When I am shooting stage performance/concerts, I constantly switch modes depending on all sorts of reasons, and need to be able to do this with a button and command dial, quickly.

If I have to assign this to a function button, can you please fill in the blanks for me (in really simple baby steps)?  I rarely used function buttons in the past.  I totally get their purpose, but just need to see the steps involved, if that's what's required here.

Thank you in advance!