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#83818 Nikon Blocks Third-party batteries from Working with the Z8

Posted by dragon49 on 11 July 2023 - 05:28 PM

I'm glad the batteries worked out for you.  Regarding the firmware, I'm very happy with the camera, and it's extremely unlikely new firmware will have an advantages that would interest me.

Dragon49, the idea is that you have a backup of the previous version in the Hard Disk to downgrade it if anything happen. Or if the new firmware doesn't have anything interesting to you, don't upgrade.

My cameras are old, so I suppose no new firmware in the future, so for me not problem at all. :P


EN-EL20 Newmowa batteries, passed the test period. :)

#83799 Nikon Blocks Third-party batteries from Working with the Z8

Posted by dragon49 on 10 July 2023 - 09:54 PM

The problem for Nikon is that half the BMS is in the chip in the batteries. If a thermal rush or some other event happens with a third-party battery that doesn't have the failsafes the originals do, Nikon could still be held accountable in some jurisdictions. This is a risk they won't take. There is very little risk involved, but the value is larger than 0.


There is always some unused parts in the communication protocols that are reserved for future functions. These don't show up when a third-party manufacturer scans the bus to reverse-engineer the protocol. This is what the original manufacturers use to shut them out.

Appreciate the info.  

Just chiming in now that I've had my P1000 for a little more than ten months now and have had no problems with the "knockoff" EN-EL20 Newmowa batteries.  

There is no way I'm ever updating the firmware though, for fear of new versions disabling the non-OEM batteries.

#83233 Nikon Blocks Third-party batteries from Working with the Z8

Posted by dragon49 on 31 May 2023 - 06:58 PM

Here is the main Reddit thread:


Google searches on the subject bring up the situation on other webpages as well.  Looks like a firmware update disabled the non-OEM batteries, as one of the comments near the top describes a third-party-battery that used to work but is now blocked with an LCD warning.  Many Z8 users with third-party batteries inserted receive the LCD warning, "This battery is unable to provide data to the camera and cannot be used.  For safety, chose a battery designed for use in this camera."  Ironically, the battery is able to provide enough data to the camera to display the error message, and was good enough to power it enough to take photos and videos before Nikon bricked it.

I'm extremely happy with my third-party "knockoff" En-El20 batteries for My P1000.  The disheartening news is now making me sure to NEVER upgrade the firmware on my camera.  I just downloaded the current, latest, (V 1.6) firmware and made a few backups, to cover the event that Nikon gets really scummy and has Snapbridge on my iPhone trick me into upgrading the firmware, or otherwise has the software or some other sneaky OTA trick upgrade it against my will and brick my perfectly safe and perfectly working batteries.

What's going here?  Is this really, really a safety/overheating issue, where OEM batteries are safe, and third-party ones are not, or is this an unethical, disgusting money grab?  One can buy the OEM from Nikonusa for $72.95:


Or from B&H for $69.00


Or they can get a two pack (same capacity) from Amazon for between $26.63:


and $42.42:



#83118 Why did my P1000 start a second directory on the SD card and Reset Filenames?

Posted by dragon49 on 16 May 2023 - 09:48 AM

The behavior you described, where the numbering resets and multiple folders with the same name are created, can occur due to a limitation in the way the Nikon D7000 handles file numbering. This behavior is not unique to the D7000 and can be observed in other Nikon camera models as well.

Nikon D7000 uses a four-digit file numbering system for images. After reaching the maximum number (e.g., DSCN0999), the numbering will reset to DSCN0001. Additionally, when a new folder is created.

Your answer helped me figure out the problem - sort of.  I don't have all the specifics worked out, but I see the core issue.  I'm looking at photos from the date in question, and I see what happened.  The camera reached the limit at DSCN9999, then started a new folder and must have reset the counter.  I still don't get how I ended up with duplicate file names though.

So, this wasn't me neglecting to format the card.  And, FYI, the camera does not reset file numbering after each format.

#82530 Why the P1000 Price Drop with some sellers?

Posted by dragon49 on 13 March 2023 - 10:31 PM

Something is definitely going on.  I see targeted ads for the P1000 every day of my life, and they are getting cheaper and cheaper.  Abe's of Maine is now down to $769.00:


#82512 Your best photo of the week ending January 8 2023

Posted by dragon49 on 12 March 2023 - 07:19 PM

Maybe I can get this rolling again with a Red-winged Blackbird in a pretty pose:



Coolpix P1000

F-Stop F5

Exposure time - 1/250th of a second

ISO Speed - ISO-360

35mm Focal Length - 700

#81257 Is there a better SD card I can get, or are these delays normal?

Posted by dragon49 on 22 November 2022 - 09:48 PM

Choosing the right Sd card is very much important. Sandisk Extreme Pro would be a perfect choice. It has read speeds of 200MB/s and write speeds up to 140MB/s, with a Video Speed Class 30 rating.

I bought a higher capacity version of your suggestion and have been using it for a while.


I figured out the main issue, which is a known problem with the P1000.  In JPG - fine mode, after a burst of 7 shots, there is around a 3.4 second delay before you can take another picture.  In fact, the camera is completely frozen during the delay.  I don't bother with RAW, since after a RAW burst, the delay is > 8 seconds, and when birding, this would be unbearable.  I do, however, sometime encounter further delays, which I'd like some feedback on.  Sometimes, after multiple bursts, there are additional delays in the middle of bursts, with the screen showing something moving, as if it's trying to be the equivalent of a PCs busy cursor icon.  Is this delay caused by my card, or the camera?

Also, when transferring photos form my USB 3.0 card reader to my laptop, I only get speeds between 75-80 MB/s.  Is it normal for transfer speed to be much slower than the advertised write speed for SD cards.


#80699 P1000 unresponsive at times

Posted by dragon49 on 01 October 2022 - 09:42 PM

I used the camera for 4 hours today.  I have the auto-shutoff set to 30 minutes, so it' s always on when I use it.  During this time, the message to power off and then back on happened once.  Has nothing to do with trying to zoom during the buffer "time out" period, as I didn't do that today.

#80434 How far away was this feral hog from me?

Posted by dragon49 on 11 September 2022 - 09:48 AM

The diagonal angle of view is about 3.5˚ at 700 mm.
Your feral hog takes up roughly 1/4 of the framed area. Let’s say that the dimensions in the photo is around 8x5’4”. This means that the diagonal is 9’7”.

Some simple trig gives a distance of around 50 yards or so. Given how approximate the inputs are, let’s say between 45 and 55 yards.

Many thanks!

Trigonometry is not simple for me. :)

#80427 How far away was this feral hog from me?

Posted by dragon49 on 10 September 2022 - 06:03 PM

Can somebody less mathematically challenged than I please work all of this out, so I can best tell my story. :)

Here is the data:

Nikon Coolpix P1000

Focal length 126 mm

35mm focal length 700

Let's assume my best guess that this individual was 4 feet wide and 2.5 feet tall.  Given how the animal is framed in the photo, how far away was it from me?


#80321 Is this the correct way to put the lens hood on my p1000?

Posted by dragon49 on 31 August 2022 - 01:12 PM

I'm assuming this is correct now.  I used the camera yesterday with it reversed and the pictures came out fine though. :)


#80199 Need a new camera recommendation

Posted by dragon49 on 24 August 2022 - 10:46 PM

I went ahead and purchased the B&H gray market version that comes with a limited 1-year B&H warranty.




Free Expedited Shipping


Tax $73.43    


Total = $1,122.43

I could have saved $52.00 by ordering through Walmart and getting the product sent from Tri-State Camera:


However, (no disrespect to Tri-State Camera) the little bit of extra money is worth my piece of mind, as I trust B&H.  I've purchased from them before and like their operation.  I'm also friendly with some much better photographers than I, and they trust B&H as well.  Anybody on this forum who visits New York City should stop by their SuperStore.  It's the most well-organized "brick and mortar" retail operation I've ever seen.  After a purchase is confirmed, stock is sent to the register via a conveyer belt in a very timely fashion.

While we are on the thread, Walmart offers the P1000 for the same $1,049.00:

https://www.walmart....17?athbdg=L1700 This ships from 6AVE Electronics.  Under warranty, they claim:

Warranty length
1 Years
Warranty information
1 year NIKON USA Warranty

Not sure whether I believe this to be accurate, as this is the same gray market price, so I trust B&Hs limited 1 year warranty more.  In addition, the webpage for the cheaper Walmart version https://www.walmart....amera/611574110 - does not specify any type of warranty at all!

I'll let everybody know how this works out.  The camera should be delivered on Monday.  I appreciate everybody's help here.  For my mostly birding usage, the longer reach is much more important than better quality pictures from a larger sensor.  On long trips, I carry enough stuff, and don't even own a pair of binoculars.  I use the camera for sighting as well, and soon I'll have 2x the range!  I've found the B6000 to have taken some amazing photos of birds, other wildlife, and scenery, so the quality is good enough for me.

Now, I'm off to spend a little more $ for extra batteries and USB chargers.

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#75097 Your best photo of the week ending September 5 2021

Posted by dragon49 on 05 September 2021 - 03:30 PM

Camera Maker - NIKON
Camera Model - COOLPIX B600
F-stop - f/5.5
Exposure time - 1/400 sec.
ISO speed - ISO-125
Exposure bias - 0 step
Focal length  - 59 mm
Max aperture  - 3.4
Metering mode - Pattern
Flash Mode - No flash, compulsory
35m focal length 330

#75034 Your best photo of the week ending August 29 2021

Posted by dragon49 on 29 August 2021 - 04:12 PM

There are no colors in South Florida.  All of God's creatures get along.  Here we have a Tricolored Heron and a White Ibis hunting and foraging together.


Camera Maker - NIKON
Camera Model - COOLPIX B600
F-stop - f/5.6
Exposure time - 1/250 sec.
ISO speed - ISO-280
Exposure bias - 0 step
Focal length  - 98 mm
Max aperture  - 3.4
Metering mode - Pattern
Flash Mode - No flash, compulsory
35m focal length 550

#74866 Your best photo of the week ending August 22 2021

Posted by dragon49 on 20 August 2021 - 07:30 PM

I finally got a good picture of a Black Vulture.  Looks like the camera did a better job of capturing the details of the true bird colors when the sky was hazy and and there were dark clouds in the cloud mixture.



Camera Maker - NIKON

Camera Model - COOLPIX B600

F-stop - f/6.3

Exposure time - 1/320 sec.

ISO speed - ISO-125

Exposure bias - 0 step

Focal length  - 236 mm

Max aperture  - 3.4

Metering mode - Pattern

Flash Mode - No flash, compulsory

35m focal length 1320