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In Topic: How far away was this American Flamingo from me?

29 September 2023 - 09:05 AM

why i ask how far where you from shore taking photo. since not sure close to river like me where i can stand or you some what far from shore. also if shooting over 3kmm you got lucky on shot unless you where at 300mm and 3k was miss print. since not there and know that camera i can only guess 

Not a misprint - the P1000 goes to a full 3000mm.  Not certain how far I was from the river.  I wasn't lucky with the shot - I'm good at finding birds when I know what I'm looking for.

In Topic: How far away was this American Flamingo from me?

28 September 2023 - 11:01 AM

well how far where from shore. 

No, how far away from me.



In Topic: P1000 Videos are time-stamped four hours early.

07 August 2023 - 08:24 PM

Check if your camera's time zone setting is configured correctly. If the time zone is set incorrectly, it can cause the videos to be stamped with the wrong time. Make sure the time zone matches the correct location where you are shooting.

Time zone is correct.  I need to clarify the issue.  After I transfer the SD card images and movies to my PC, the Windows timestamps on all files, including movies are correct.  The problem is the EXIF "Media Created" timestamps on movies are always four hours too early.  The transfer process isn't to blame, as the data is wrong if I look at movies on the SD card before I transfer them.  

I noticed this because some weird Windows sort was using the EXIF data and sometimes puts all my videos at the beginning of file lists.

Edit - I just used a form to ask the question to Nikonusa support.  Let's see if they are able to solve a problem.  Last time I asked them a question on how to stop a copyright message from populating on my viewscreen, the answered as if I were using a different camera, directing me to do something my camera doesn't have a menu for!  Somebody on the forum RTFM and gave me the answer.

In Topic: Nikon Blocks Third-party batteries from Working with the Z8

11 July 2023 - 05:28 PM

I'm glad the batteries worked out for you.  Regarding the firmware, I'm very happy with the camera, and it's extremely unlikely new firmware will have an advantages that would interest me.

Dragon49, the idea is that you have a backup of the previous version in the Hard Disk to downgrade it if anything happen. Or if the new firmware doesn't have anything interesting to you, don't upgrade.

My cameras are old, so I suppose no new firmware in the future, so for me not problem at all. :P


EN-EL20 Newmowa batteries, passed the test period. :)

In Topic: Nikon Blocks Third-party batteries from Working with the Z8

10 July 2023 - 09:54 PM

The problem for Nikon is that half the BMS is in the chip in the batteries. If a thermal rush or some other event happens with a third-party battery that doesn't have the failsafes the originals do, Nikon could still be held accountable in some jurisdictions. This is a risk they won't take. There is very little risk involved, but the value is larger than 0.


There is always some unused parts in the communication protocols that are reserved for future functions. These don't show up when a third-party manufacturer scans the bus to reverse-engineer the protocol. This is what the original manufacturers use to shut them out.

Appreciate the info.  

Just chiming in now that I've had my P1000 for a little more than ten months now and have had no problems with the "knockoff" EN-EL20 Newmowa batteries.  

There is no way I'm ever updating the firmware though, for fear of new versions disabling the non-OEM batteries.