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NX Studio Advice

07 August 2021 - 02:24 AM

Hi all,


'Wonder if there's anyone out there who can help me.


I've started running my raw files through NX Studio and saving in TIFF format before processing in Affinity. My understanding is that a raw file ran through NX studio and saved to TIFF will be of better image quality than a RAW or JPEG file imported directly to Affinity (please correct me if this is a flawed assumption).


'Problem being that I'm not seeing any difference between a RAW and a JPEG file in NX Studio in terms of image quality. I appreciate that NX Studio applies camera settings/controls to RAW images and so they should look pretty much identical, but my understanding is that there should be a difference in image quality because JPEG compression is not applied to the RAW file unless I specifically instruct NX Studio to do that.


Given that many people, more experienced than I am, are confident that NX Studio RAW images are of better quality then I reckon there's a very good chance I have something not helping in the settings. I've looked at various YT videos but none answer my questions. So, given that I simply want to have the best RAW image file possible before processing in Affinity, what should my settings be?


Colour Space for Colour Reproduction: it is set to "recorded setting".


DX1 Raw Default: it is set to 10MP.


Colour Reproduction Process: it is set to "camera compatible". 


I noticed that the software is applying a level of noise reduction, but I'm guessing that it is simply reflecting the camera settings which I have set on low?


I take pictures using the following: neutral picture control, sharpening/contrast/saturation all set to 0, and I only ever use ADL when it's a particularly bright day.


Also, where is the option to apply JPEG compression to RAW files so that I can ensure it does not happen, or is this simply done at the point of saving to a JPEG file?


Is there anything else I'm missing, should be aware of, given what I'm trying to do?


Thanks in advance for any help!

Nikon P950, Sharp Images Help

27 June 2021 - 03:15 PM

Hi all,


I'm hoping someone can provide a bit of insight.


I've attached some pictures to give an indication of the level I'm at. I'm pretty new to cameras: owning an FZ330/FZ300 for a few months and now the P950 for around say 6 weeks, and I'm interested in bird photography.


I take most of my pictures either lying down with my elbows on the ground or sat down with my elbows resting against my knees, and I've made a point of striking a balance between learning the technical basics, keeping the camera steady and learning how to get close to birds.  As is stands, I've nowhere to go except back to the technical aspects of the camera in the event I want to achieve sharper images: I'm as close to birds as possible and the camera is kept steady. 


I've seen pictures taken with this camera and they're sharper than mine, and so my question is: what are the top two or three technical things/camera settings that generated such sharp images? 


There is minimal cropping with these pictures, by the way.


Thanks in advance for any help,