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Member Since 23 Apr 2021
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Nikon D750 - Live View HDMI issue

23 April 2021 - 02:11 AM


I'm using my Nikon D750 a lot for live streaming events. I hook it up with a USB HDMI-capture card (along with other camera's and/or USB webcams) and use a multi-camera setup.

I've just acquired a cheap multi-HDMI video switcher that outputs to USB (and also functions as a capture card) which lets me hook up multiple HDMI devices and thus requires only 1 USB port, because the amount of ports or data streams a desktop or laptop can handle are limited. Kind of like the Blackmagic ATEM Mini or RGBLink Mini, but yeah, a cheap alternative.


When hooking up the D750 to get a clean HDMI-output, you have to put the camera on Video mode and turn on the live view with the Lv-button. That works without a problem.

The issue I'm facing is: when hooking up multiple cameras to said device, and when switching from one to another, my D750's live view automatically shuts off, because at that point I'm using another camera's output signal and not the one from the D750. Meanwhile, my Z6ii's live view just keeps working as normal when switching inputs, it does not shut off.

Is this just due to the way the D750 works? It always needs an active output signal else it will shut off? Or perhaps I need to change some options somewhere?

Or is this just due to the crappy device I bought, and an ATEM Mini, etc. does not have this problem?

Thanks for any insights!!