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Member Since 28 Mar 2021
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In Topic: Which post-processing software do you use?

04 May 2021 - 08:38 AM

These days I mostly use Luminar 4. I really like it for the basic photo processing. Easy, simple, quite effective and with enough AI built in to save me some effort. I also use Adobe Elements 2019 and Capture NX-D so I can continue to learn more. I process my raw photos, but really need to learn to use layers.


I am also wanting to learn to do median stacking, but having trouble finding a software that does it without lots of hassle and jumping from one program to another. I started a separate thread on that last week, but no responses so far. I have a Coolpix P1000 and would like to sharpen up the photos I take at max zoom.

In Topic: Tripod for P1000?

28 April 2021 - 10:48 AM

I just bought a K&F Concept K&F SA254T1. It's quite low cost. I bit heavy, but I am not likely to carry it a long ways. There is one model that is a lighter version. Reviews I've seen are pretty good. I like it a lot so far compared to my $15 tripod (lol). I really like the plate that fastened on to the camera, then just sets on to the head. The only minor issue is that the camera seems to need a pad to hold the plate tightly to the bottom of the camera. It wobbles a bit. I'll find a piece of closed cell foam or rubber to tighten that down. There are features that will be nice, like putting the central down so it extends down (for macro work on the ground). So far, I am pleased. Note, I am certainly not a power tripod user, but needed to tighten up my moon/sky photos and long shots with my Coolpix P1000. It seems to handle the weight very nicely.