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g4aaw pete

g4aaw pete

Member Since 18 Mar 2021
Online Last Active Today, 08:07 AM

In Topic: Fisheye Friday, permanent post

Today, 03:46 AM

This is in a farmer's field, with a public walkway passing beside it.

No personnel were electrocuted during the taking of this picture.







Samyang 8mm 1:3.5 CSII



ISO 800

EV -1.0

In Topic: Normalvember 2023

Today, 03:28 AM

Another interesting challenge.


My own favourite:




From Peter:




From Lube:


53355820670_b26125c876_k.jpgFORREST GUMP by [url=https://www.flickr.c.../196383934@N05/]Guadalupe Cruz, on Flickr



From Mike:



Caught my eye this morning.


Morning shadows


35mm, f4, 1/800s, 200iso


In Topic: Man of the woods.

Yesterday, 02:41 PM

I've been trying postimage.com to host three posts this week.

Today, when I click on the image, instead of taking me to the site, I get a sign-in page!

I call that a total failure.

I must therefore re-post with the old favourite imgur.com





In Topic: Man of the woods.

Yesterday, 01:59 PM

Thanks Bart.
It was only after I converted to mono that I saw the man sitting by the double trunk.
Spooky stuff!

In Topic: 365 challenge

Yesterday, 04:56 AM



crop from:



AF 50mm 1.8


f 5.6

ISO 800

EV -0.3