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#81139 Z5? What’s the verdict.

Posted by canoecaper on 09 November 2022 - 06:37 AM

Yes, I have one.  It has never seen a Z lens.

On bellows, excellent.

On Novoflex, follow focus, a drop of magic.

On FTZ, if you must.  My Voigtlanders sit on this.

On Fringer EF-NZ, a revelation.  Full Focus assist.

Choose your Canon fit lenses with care and geometrical anomalies will take scientific measurement to detect.

With my quiver of Canons I have a Tokina AT-X Pro Macro 100 F2.8 D.  My walk about lens.

Having used both the FTZ  and Fringer extensively, I picked the Canon fit, not the Nikon F.  Cheaper, a bonus.


If you even use the AF, I cannot relate.  If you need the shake control, I was brought up "Old School" with a Rollei TLR.  Dad, Fleet St. and a Royal photographer!  Frightening tales of Brooklands and Wartime Aerial reconnosance for SIS.

Movies, why?  I am not a Wedding snapper.

Photography in the dark.  Seldom.


Remote photography where clarity, image quality and a total absence of human contact or body induced vibration, a definite pass.

Nikon uses this sparse sensor exceptionall well.  Couple this with Nikon's digital imaging "sauce".

When using coupled lenses with a 35mm enlarger lens in front for Macro, the Zfc with more concentrated pixels would be the recommended choice.

Slide copying, exemplary.  Probably only a Z7ii would be better


Takes two big SD cards.  Yes.

Takes a Hoodman eyepiece.  Yes.

Professional image crop.  No

Filters may be fitted into the rear of both the FTZ and Fringer.  Yes, same fit filter.

Good to hold with a Spider strap, better than most Nikons.


With some filters (LPF), the image at post processing, on the rear screen (that I could do without) and the excellent viewfinder are all different.


NB.  Remote control subverts live view yet unfortunately is less comprehensive.


Next buy will be the Z7ii.

Does it work well though?  Better than I expected.