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In Topic: Nikon D2x odd behaviour wirh ERR on first shot

18 December 2020 - 03:10 PM

Probably my last post on this forum, there is little to no engagement here...


Anyways, problem has been resolved. I bought another used D2x that was in rough shape but worked and swapped the DC/DC converter and it did not work. All images were still black.

So i went for the next component, the CCD board and bingo! it works again.

The no voltage issue on the DC/DC is caused by a short on the CCD board causing the controller to go into Failsafe. It may be fixable but at least i have a working D2x now.


I processed some of the frames and, this body has 7356 shutter actuation so it was worth saving.


What am i going to use this camera for you ask? Well, perhaps an infrared camera?



In Topic: Nikon D2x odd behaviour wirh ERR on first shot

14 December 2020 - 04:34 PM

Wow, Tough crowd!


Anyways, more updates: I think i figured it out, there is a DC to DC converter powering the CCD board that uses a white connector with multiple wires.

The board is connected to the main power board near the battery connector.


Tested it and it gets 12V in but nothing out on any of the pins. 


So i guess that makes sense, the initial problem was most likely caused my me somehow?

The black frames problem is most likely caused by the CCD board not getting any voltage at all therefore not capturing the image.

In Topic: Nikon D2x odd behaviour wirh ERR on first shot

14 December 2020 - 02:54 PM


Took it apart again, checked all ribbons and re-lubed some of the points on the shutter mech and it is doing something different now.


It shoots fine and works properly but all pictures are black.

Tried shooting at high iso and a really slow shutter, even on bulb mode and the image is still black. I do seem some image noise at high iso but thats is, no image, just black frames.

I sometimes get err on the display but it no longer freezes up the display menu and options like it did before.


One thing that no longer works is the Mirror lock-up function for sensor cleaning. When i select the option in the menu and press the shutter to activate it, it just takes a shot and freezes the menu like before. Weird.


Now more than ever, im thinking this shutter is defective... or the sensor is dead?


Anyone else seen this behavior before?