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Member Since 07 Oct 2020
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Wanted: SB-28 speed light

05 November 2020 - 03:52 PM

Hello everyone,


I hope this is okay to post here. I'm in search of at least one working sb-28 flash. I know these aren't the most overly available flashes out there but I need 1-2 more for a wildlife camera-trap setup. Prices have gotten a little outrageous (I think) on eBay and other selling sites. So, if you or anyone you know is up for parting ways with their old flashes, it would be greatly appreciated if you could respond back.




D850 vs D500, is it worth the extra $1,000?

07 October 2020 - 10:13 AM

Hello all! 


I need some advice from you guys. I first got into photography just for fun and started out with a D3400, which I still have. After slowly learning more and finding a real passion for this art, I have found myself needing an upgrade in equipment. I shoot a mix of wildlife/landscape/astro, basically just nature in general. Budget is a big deal for me as I am a college student.


From doing research and reading reviews, obviously the 40+ megapixels on the D850 is incredible for landscapes, but the 500 has the ability to shoot 10 fps instead of 7 fps (or 9 with grip) for the 850. And if you are choosing to crop the image on the 850, it's basically the same megapixels as the 500. Either will be an upgrade from what I currently have so if anybody has any further guidance on if the D850 is really worth the extra $$ as compared to the D500, in terms of the subjects I shoot, it would be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you, 


New Member Introduction

07 October 2020 - 09:52 AM

Hello all!


I'm glad I have found a massive group of people that share the same hobby and passion as myself. I am a 19 year old photographer from central Minnesota, and I mainly focus on landscapes, wildlife, and astro. If anybody in here is from the same area and would like to meet, I am in need of a few friends to go out and shoot with!


Anyways, thank you all and I am looking forward to many discussions about the topic of photography!