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#73429 Your best photo of the week ending May 16 2021

Posted by krag96 on 10 May 2021 - 10:03 AM

Looks like they're enjoying themselves, as they should.

#73409 Your best photo of the week ending May 9 2021

Posted by krag96 on 09 May 2021 - 03:32 PM

Dogbytes, the dog and the blue flowers transform a dull scene into something of a composed production.  Well done!


Jerry_, that's something I never tried, underwater photo shooting.  The B&W works well here with the crawdad.  As for me, it's too cold yet to even think of going ear the water!


Peter, typically well done on what comes but once a year for our enjoyment!


rem_la, that image should be on a post card, or in a travel book.  That scene is what we Americans like to think of when we think of France!  Well composed, shot, and processed, not to mention the great colors!

#73400 D500: What am I missing?

Posted by krag96 on 09 May 2021 - 11:42 AM

Why would you think image quality would be better in one Nikon vs. another in the same format and vintage with the same sensor and processor?   It goes much deeper than that.  For what you're shooting, (air shows and beach birds, I'll add sports, racing, children and other fast moving things) the D500 is the better machine by far.  The D500 is 2fps faster than the D7500, will take a battery grip, has longer battery life, better bracketing, 3X the screen resolution, 3X more focus points, and a higher build quality to name a few. 


What are you giving up with a D500 vs. a D7500?  On board flash, scenes and effects modes.  On board flash I would very rarely miss.  Scenes mode is mostly a white balance specific, (lighting type tool) I don't use, I set my D700's and D750 to auto white balance in most cases unless I want a specific look, then set it accordingly.  Most times on my cameras, WB is on Auto, Nikon does a great job with white balance, so why complicate things?.   Effects can be interesting to a point, if you're looking for such an ''effect''.  I can find the same in most cases in post processing, and more. 


It isn't a case of the two cameras presenting the same shot at the same settings, (like writing or reading music) post processing will present the photos, (like preforming the music).  Look at the D500 as a high quality instrument with capabilities the seasoned player uses to broaden his music vs. a lower quality instrument with a narrower range.  You can play the same music on either, but in this case, the higher quality instrument will give a broader spectrum and be the more useful tool to obtain the raw image to begin with, (you can get a broader range of images and not miss a critical shot with the better instrument).  Post processing is your presentation, but if it isn't there to begin with...what do you have?  In short, you'll get more shots with the D500 than you will with the D7500.  You may not even notice it.  If you miss the effects mode, you can gain it back in post processing and make it what you like-how you like.  


In my case, I shot film with a pair of Canon F1n's and had a cheap totally mechanical Canon SLR for a back up, just in case.  The light meter didn't even work on it, had to use the old Kodak, ''Sunny 16'' rule, but it didn't even need a battery to work and take pictures!  I had the basics for 35mm film photography.  Then one day, more recently I went digital.  Digital scared the hell out of me, I'm not of the digital generation so I decided to start with a camera that wouldn't intimidate me, (so I thought).  I looked at Canon, Nikon, and Pentax and Nikon seemed to be what I though I could learn on the easiest, I bought a Nikon D5500.  That was a mistake on my part.  Yes, it was/is a very easy camera to use if you like AUTO mode, but way too many motions in MANUAL for my liking.  With only one command dial I had to remember too many button combinations to get what I wanted.  To solve this I bought a D700 which is a 180 degree turn from a D5500 as for manual photography and I felt at home again.  


Later I found I would like more dynamic range and a few more mega pixels for low light street type photography.  The D750 made the most sense, so I added one to the line up.  No-one makes a perfect DSLR to meet our individual needs.  We often find two or more model bodies are needed to cover everything we shoot.  My opinion is, (for what you shoot) you made the right choices.  A D7500 would leave you missing some shots.  What you think you miss in the D7500 can be made up in post processing.  Affinity Photo is your friend, check it out.


Same photo, first out of camera, nothing done post







#73384 into the dark woodlands

Posted by krag96 on 08 May 2021 - 02:27 PM

Nice work, and nice woods.  I could live there!  I particularly like the last shot, very well done,

#73368 The Old Belfry

Posted by krag96 on 07 May 2021 - 01:09 PM

good framing.

the wood is ready for some maintenance, I think.

The old church was a Christian school as of late, then sold to a family along with the house next to it.  Rumor has it they're going to make a gallery of some sort out of it. 


Had some military fighter jets over head and that's why I was out with the camera and 300mm f4 AF lens, but they didn't come back and the church gave a good view from the neighbor's back porch, add the dogs sticking their noses through the fence and I got some good shots without the jets.  I did crop the image from the original.


I think retirement is agreeing with me well!

#73354 What's for Lunch?

Posted by krag96 on 06 May 2021 - 06:04 PM


#73353 The Old Belfry

Posted by krag96 on 06 May 2021 - 05:58 PM


#73352 Your best photo of the week ending May 9 2021

Posted by krag96 on 06 May 2021 - 05:50 PM

Nikon D750  Nikkor 300mm f4 AF  1/100  f 18  ISO1600


This is what my neighbor sees everyday.  They don't want me to fix the fence. 



#73326 Pennsylvania Memorial At Gettysburg

Posted by krag96 on 04 May 2021 - 08:25 AM

The Pennsylvania Memorial stands on the middle of the battlefield, close to ''The Angle'', ''The Copes of Trees'', and ''The Confederate High Water Mark''.  Finished in time for the 50th. anniversary of the battle in 1913,  (minus some Veterans names) it was the design of W. Liance Cottrell, the sculptures by Samuel Murray.  The dome is topped with the Goddess of Victory and Peace, eight statues adorn the lower halls on the memorial, all except Abraham Lincoln and Governor Andrew Curtain depict native Pennsylvania generals who fought at the battle.  They include, Mead, Hancock, Reynolds, McMurtrie, Pleasonton, and Birney.  In my opinion though, the greatest part of the memorial are the bronze plaques that adorn the base of the memorial, every Pennsylvania regiment and battery that fought there has a plaque, and every plaque lists the names of those who made up those units, those killed or mortally wounded have a * beside their name. 


Front of the memorial depicting the stairs and some of the plaques.  The support on the left houses a staircase to the roof presenting a grand view of the field.






Inscribed on the base




One of the plaques, 11th. PA Infantry



#73321 Your best photo of the week ending May 2 2021

Posted by krag96 on 03 May 2021 - 07:25 AM

I was going to say a "Mini-ball" as that is what we called them growing up in Virginia.  Once in a great while we found one (or part of one) in the woods near our house.

That's what we normally call them also out of habit, and everyone knows what you're talking about even though the Burton Bullet is used 98% of the time world-wide because of it's simplicity and availability.

#73319 Your best photo of the week ending May 2 2021

Posted by krag96 on 03 May 2021 - 04:54 AM

Is it correct that this was invented/designed by a french man who’s name it also has?

And related to your recent trip?

(I will not be more precise, so others can further guess)

You are correct, the common name for these bullets are ''Minie''  bullets, however the U.S. Ordinance Department  refined the original design to work without an expander plug in the base and refer to them as, ''Burton'' bullets after the man who refined the design.  These, (yes there's two of them fused together) are of the standard U.S. .58.  .54 and .69 ''Minie's'' were also used.  The British design, or refinement on Claude Minie's original design was called the ''Pritchett'' bullet in.577 or 25 Gauge which was interchangeable  with the .58 American ammunition. 


These are not original bullets picked up on a battlefield, rather they are modern castings recovered from a target range backstop where one bullet hit another already in the ground and fused together.  I don't consider this a common fate as I've been shooting these weapons since 1973 and recovering the spent bullets to remelt into new bullets and this is the only fused pair I've ever found. 


Apparently mid-air collisions during the war were rare, but not unheard of.  As a child, I was very impressed by the museum display at Gettysburg showing two bullets, fused together in a mid-air collision.  



Confederate Fayetteville Rifle .58 dated 1862  It could also use the British .577 ammunition.



British P53 Enfield Riflemusket  .577 Dated 1856  these could take either U.S .58 or British .577 ammunition.




Both guns from my collection.

#73312 Part of My Dandelion Crop

Posted by krag96 on 02 May 2021 - 05:24 PM

Most people spend considerable money and time getting rid of these little yellow flowers in their yard, but I welcome them and harvest them for tea and food, (some make wine out of them also).  You see, they're one of the best medicines you can take. The entire pant is edible and much better for you then almost anything you can buy in a store.  I began taking Dandelion root pills and my Doctor said, "Why pay for it, they're free in your yard for tea, or eat it like Spinach, cooked or raw in salad.  She said the stuff is good for,

Providing antioxidants Reducing cholesterol Regulating blood sugar Reducing inflammation Lowering blood pressure Aiding weight loss Reducing cancer risk Boosting the immune system Aiding digestion

She did warn to thoroughly wash it before eating it.  And that little sprig of wild Garlic beside the first Dandelion...that's getting harvested too. 





#73311 Working Hard on a Sunday

Posted by krag96 on 02 May 2021 - 04:54 PM




#73310 Dutchman's Britches?

Posted by krag96 on 02 May 2021 - 04:51 PM

I think that's what we called these many years ago.





#73309 Your best photo of the week ending May 2 2021

Posted by krag96 on 02 May 2021 - 04:46 PM

Nikon D750  Tamron 90mm f2.8 SP DI AF Macro  1/160  f4.5  ISO100










Anybody know what this is?


My money would be on bluzman to get it right...








Nikon D750  Tamron 90mm f2.8 SP  DI  AF Macro  1/160  f16  ISO360


My pink Dogwood