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24 November 2019 - 08:55 AM

Hi from a dreich  North of Scotland 


I'm fairly new to editing my photos, I have a D7100 and using View NX2 (which I can do basic editing with) on an aged and failing laptop.


I'm looking for either a Macbook or iPad, (neither of which I have any experience of) to be able to further/learn about editing.


I have been into the local shops but nobody seems to know about photo editing or doesn't want to know, apart from being keen to take my money!


Is it possible to upload photos from my 7100 (not wi-fi enabled) using a card reader and adaptor?


If not either of the above what does everyone else use?


Thanks, from a dafty who is not technically minded.




23 November 2019 - 11:52 AM

Hi from a wet North of Scotland!


I have a D7100 and an ageing/failing laptop.


I want to replace the laptop with a macbook or ipad, something I can cart around the country with me that I can edit/store photos on.


I'm fairly new to editing, I have Nikon View NX2 on my current laptop which I can do basic things on. I'd like to be able to further this. I don't want another Windows laptop. 


I have no experience of ipads or macs, apart from fiddling around with them in stores. I have asked in the local stores here but nobody has any idea of photo editing or if I can transfer my photos from the camera to said mac/ipad without wi-fi!


Any advice gratefully received. 


I hope this makes sense.


Looking forward to any replies.


Cheers Jane