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17 January 2024 - 03:07 PM

Today... in my annual ritual of rifling through my gear ... checking batteries, cards, etc., and of course making sure copyrights are up to date, I stumbled across a couple of circular polarizers that had never been used. And, they were not inexpensive throw-a-ways. One was a 67mm Nikon and the other a 77mm.


I got to thinking, when was the last time I used any physical special effects filter? I couldn't remember. Then I got to thinking about the photos posted here and, I don't recall seeing any photos where actual physical filters were used here either. Of course, I don't always pay close attention to the photo info posted so I suppose I could have missed something.


So, I'm wondering... have physical filters (except for lens protectors or UV filters) gone the way of the Dodo bird? It's true that we can easily replicate most, if not all, filter effects in post. But do any of you ever whip out your circular polarizer any more?


And, no... I don't want to get into a debate about lens protectors and UV filters used for the same reason. Whether you used them in this manor or not is your business; I'm not going to judge either way.





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17 June 2023 - 05:57 PM

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