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#87970 Z7 I Update to 3.6

Posted by Ron on 08 April 2024 - 05:16 PM

You downloaded the firmware update for the Z7 camera, not the Z7II.



#87969 What Sort of Lens Type Am I Looking For?

Posted by Ron on 08 April 2024 - 05:00 PM

You say you want a fixed/prime lens. So, you don't want a zoom lens or variable focus lens? That right?


If that's the case, I would suggest the current Nikkor 50mm AF-S ƒ/1.8G. You can usually find this lens for around $200US new, and often for less than that. It's a perfect fit for your D750. With this lens you'll be able to use all of your camera's features including full or program Auto exposure.



#87849 FX

Posted by Ron on 01 April 2024 - 11:33 AM

The D600 had a problem with spots on images taken with them due to oil or dust in the mirror box. Nikon had a service advisory issued for this camera that supposedly fixed the problem. Nikon would check these cameras and replace the shutter mechanism free of charge if a problem was found. Sadly, the service advisory expired in January of 2020. 


It would probably be a good idea for you to check your camera carefully (while you can still return it) to make sure that it doesn't exhibit this problem. Not all D600's were affected and many of the ones that did were either repaired or replaced by Nikon.


The D610 camera was a direct replacement for the D600 that incorporated the updated shutter mechanism.  



#87747 D3 problem during firmware update

Posted by Ron on 27 March 2024 - 01:52 PM

How was the camera 'interrupted' during the firmware update? According to Nikon, if the camera is operated, turned off or loses battery power during a firmware update it could be bricked. If that's the case you would need to contact a Nikon service center.



#87746 What is this digital artefact?

Posted by Ron on 27 March 2024 - 01:43 PM

Two things I would try. First I would do a camera reset and see if that helps. If the camera reset doesn't clear the problem up, I would try another card. Be sure that you use a high quality card and format the card in camera. If it shows up on the second card, I would contact Nikon.



#87741 Three primes

Posted by Ron on 26 March 2024 - 12:35 PM

There's a blog post up now. https://www.nikonfor...nochromes-sooc/

I have an old blog post about using the Adobe channel mixers for monochrome conversions here. https://www.nikonfor...s-in-lightroom/

Thanks, I'll check'em out! Appreciate the help.




Edit:I've printed out your presets and will be giving them a try. Thanks again!

#87734 Three primes

Posted by Ron on 25 March 2024 - 06:14 PM

That’s a nice set of lenses, even if I prefer the older D version of the 85 as it renders subjects at portrait distances, both on DX and FX, a little softer. It will be fun getting to know the Z 85/1.8… Have I written anything about my settings for a more Tri-X/HP-5 like rendering for jpg-s SOOC?

It's a nice set for the D7000, and probably any DX camera. The 20mm serves as a close relative to my all time favorite wide angle focal length, the 28mm. The 35mm, of course, is my "normal" lens and one of the sharpest lenses I own. A real pleasure to use. The 85mm is actually a better fit on DX than it is on FX. I've shot some really good images with it on DX where it comes close to the classic 135mm focal length. The bokeh is probably not as good as your older "D" version or the current ƒ/1.4 version, but it's pretty nice. If it had rounded aperture blades it was be perfect.


If you've written about your Tri-X/HP-5 recipe, I've probably missed it. I always presumed that you did all your cooking in Silver EX Pro.


It's been a long time since I used any of my cameras as a dedicated monochrome device. I'm having to relearn some things that I had previously learned and forgotten over the years. Of course, since I'm shooting exclusively in RAW with no jpeg image at all, I'll either have to set up a recipe in ACR or use Nikon NX Studio with my in camera's picture control setting... something I've never done before.



#87731 Three primes

Posted by Ron on 25 March 2024 - 12:46 PM

I've recently setup my D7000 to shoot RAW only with a monochrome picture control. The three lenses I'll be using are the Nikkor AF-S 20mm ƒ/1.8G, the Nikkor AF-S 35mm ƒ/1.8G FX and the Nikkor AF-S 85mm ƒ/1.8G.



#87664 old lenses on DSLRs

Posted by Ron on 21 March 2024 - 09:47 AM

I love those old lenses... And an F3/AF!! My goodness!



#87649 old lenses on DSLRs

Posted by Ron on 20 March 2024 - 01:31 PM

I regularly use my FX lenses on both my DX and FX cameras and the indicated ƒ numbers are always the same.



#87642 That’s got to be good value

Posted by Ron on 19 March 2024 - 04:00 PM

The D610 is definitely not an action camera, but it has a good sensor and outputs fairly clean images. However, it's starting to show it's age, so I've been hemming and hawing about replacing it. If only Nikon would knock a few hundred more dollars off the D850(yeah, right!), I might be tempted to stay with DSLR's. Otherwise, it's mirrorless and a whole nother ballgame.


But Peter's right about the grip. It makes a world of difference in how these cameras handle. I was initially pretty excited about the D780 until I learned that it wouldn't take a grip. That kind of popped the balloon for me.


But if you can live without the grip, or if they're not your thing to start with, then the D780 is a really nice upgrade. It's amazing how it seems to fly under everyone's radar because it does tick a lot of boxes in the 'nice to have' column.



#87597 Battery and Recharge Suggestions

Posted by Ron on 16 March 2024 - 12:13 AM

I try to never drain my batteries all the way down to zero. When they get down to half way or maybe a bit below, I put them in the charger. Since I work so infrequently these days, I usually check them the day before I'm going to be working and, if they're the least bit questionable, I charge them.  I also have an AA adapter for my grip that can serve as a backup ... provided I remember to pack plenty of (charged) AA batteries.


I've seen batteries that showed that they were nearly worn out magically return to nearly new status. Sometimes it takes a few charges to accomplish this and sometimes the batteries never recover. But once they start acting funky, I make plans to replace them.


But no, I wouldn't drain them all the way.



#87596 Retouch Menus -NEF Raw -No image for retouching

Posted by Ron on 15 March 2024 - 11:52 PM

Thanks for the info Ron. Rather than start a new topic for this I will ask in this one as it is about the software. For now I will hold off on the monthly subscription, I may realize the need if things change. I tested on my D850 with Bracketing , it was set for 3 exposure with extream on both sides. I was reading the Nikon Software will not do Braketing from my understaning. So I question when you say the Lightroom 5 is so old . Would it be too old to work with Bracketing pictures?




I believe Lightroom 5 would probably struggle just to import NEF files created by newer cameras... most certainly Nikon Z camera NEF's. Adobe has a page somewhere in their web system that lists all of the Lightroom (ACR) versions and which camera files those versions support. I've seen it but, I stupidly did not bookmark the URL, so I'll have to look for it. But, I'm pretty sure that your D850 is way too new for Lightroom 5 to support.




Edit: I found the page!! You would need Lightroom 6.1 at a minimum.

#87465 Nikon D500 XQD vs : CFexpress Type B for photography.

Posted by Ron on 03 March 2024 - 01:05 AM

I still use SD cards so my experience is based on that, but I think card performance is not just about how fast a card can be written to in the field. It's also has to do with how fast you can move your photos off the card and onto your computer or external drive. With SD cards, the extra speed does come in handy, especially when you're shooting RAW or RAW+Jpeg.


And, of course, if you're shooting sports or wildlife then you'll probably appreciate the extra speed, especially when using burst photography ... even if you never push the camera to the point where you overload the buffer.


In normal photography, the extra speed is probably an unnecessary luxury, but still nice to have when moving photos off the card.


Only you can decide if the extra speed is worth the cost penalty.



#87451 Retouch Menus -NEF Raw -No image for retouching

Posted by Ron on 02 March 2024 - 01:59 PM

Version 5 of Lightroom is way too old. I wouldn't even install it.


Lightroom can be a mess... no matter how new it is, and even though I used it for years, I no longer recommend it. However, if you think you might be interested in the Adobe ecosystem, I would look into the 'Photography Plan' subscription. It's what I have and I pay $10 a month for Photoshop, Lightroom (both versions) Bridge, and a number of other applications. I realize that not everyone likes the subscription model, and I was one of those who didn't, but it does give me immediate access to the latest versions of all the applications I use, plus any previous version of the same apps.


My current modus operandi is to use Photoshop (with Adobe Camera RAW) for all of my post processing. Others here on the forums have other preferences that work just as well or sometimes probably better. Because it's the end result that matters, I don't judge their preferences.


My journey with Macintosh began in the late eighties with the Mac Plus... well, actually, a cobbled together very early Mac Plus hackintosh. I ran Photoshop 2 on that machine and upgraded both the software and hardware (featuring actual Macs!!!) through the nineties. When Apple was on life support in the late nineties I was forced to jump ship to the Windows ecosystem. Now, I'm trying to ween myself off of all things Microsoft. It's a work in progress.