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Nikon Shooter

Nikon Shooter

Member Since 25 Aug 2018
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In Topic: ISO is a fake standard in cameras

Today, 06:27 AM

I took the main thrust of the video …

Even in film time 35mm, 120, 220 and 4X5 film was bought in
large quantities to make sure that each format shared the same
batch production number — when tested to establish the "real"
ASA value, I was sure then that the whole lots had the same.

Then, since the emulsions were made to given specifications, it

was important to know the ASA.

This subject is worth more discussion than I am patient to type.

Have a good one, Mike… maybe later. :P

In Topic: ISO is a fake standard in cameras

Today, 03:47 AM

It is NOT A FAKE but it is of as little interest as the rest of the exif
information nowadays.

Anyone beginning may need the triangle's reference values but it
is getting the more relative as the mastery kicks in until it ends up
totally useless.


Improvements in terms of DR and low lights recording are some of
the reasons behind the recent appreciation.

ETTR was THE thing 20 years ago and I have been teaching for so
many years that the ETTL approach is better when considering that
one should protect the whites at ALL costs.

In Topic: One Very Lovely Red Rose.

Yesterday, 12:43 PM

A two colour composition? I love that. :P

A rose is a rose… nothing more or less, but the
way YOU see and render it… it's all in there.

In Topic: Tight Race

Yesterday, 03:04 AM

Nice action set

They quit racing on the following frame… no winner!

In Topic: AF area Nikon D7000 cannot be changed

Yesterday, 02:55 AM

At the rear of the camera you have a switch with a ‘L’ (locked) position. Check that the switch is NOT on L.

Good point, Jerry!