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Member Since 01 Oct 2013
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Blog Entries

scoobymax's Blog > Another rainy day. :(

Posted 21 October 2013

Oh well there goes another day! I was going to an old mill and nature reserve today but guess what? Rain stops play again, it's chucking it down here. :(

Lunar Eclipse tonight > Getting ready for the eclipse

Posted 18 October 2013

Tonight I'll be waiting til around midnight to see if I can get some shots of the Lunar Eclipse, hopefully this cloud will go away! Will update later in the evening and if I manage to get some shots I will post tomorrow.

scoobymax's New toy > New toy!

Posted 12 October 2013

Herei am waiting for the delivery of my new camera, the D7000, it's gonna be a long few days! Like a kid a Christmas .....when's Santa coming? I will update when it arrives.

scoobymax's Blog > Help! D300 or D7000?

Posted 10 October 2013

I've been given the opportunity to upgrade and I just can't make my mind up! Please help, what does people recommend?!

scoobymax's Blog > About me

Posted 06 October 2013

Hi there, this is my first ever blog so here goes!

My name I Simon, I am a 32 year old house-husband of four kids and have a passion for photgraphy. I love taking pictures of anything I can take a picture of although if I had to pick a favourite it would be wildlife and/or motor sport, action shots if possible! Take a look at my gallery for some pict...