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Member Since 13 May 2017
Offline Last Active May 16 2017 04:53 AM

Cannot post on forum

16 May 2017 - 04:54 AM



I've registered in these past days and tried to post in the say hello page and with a normal post in another section but nothing happened and I'd like to know if I could post or how could I check if there is my post and I just didn't see it.




Hello Guys!

13 May 2017 - 11:18 AM

Hy everyone from Spain.


I'm in love again with photos after 15 years. Crazy.

Now with a Nikon D700 thinking to switch to D750.




About purchasing D750

13 May 2017 - 10:03 AM

Hy everybody.


I'm new here. I'm in a doubt with the D750. I own a D700 and it's a great camera, but lately I realized that I need a lighter and more discrete one so I'm really tempted by the D750.

My doubts refers to what was a topic some time ago and then suddenly lowered, at least in internet info: the problems with reflections and shutter.


The first doesn't bother me so much cause I think it would be really limited to particular angles of an entering-the-lens- point of light. The second I don't know really...

The problems are still there in new camera units? and in the case they would what about nikon assistance? It's good?


And another question would be where could I buy it new at a good price? I don't know if in the forum it's allowed to name sites or shops or what rules to talk about prices...

If not, just forget the question.

If yes, every answer it's appreciated. I live in Spain and just knew that there are different versions with wifi or without (at a lower price).


Thanks sooo much.