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Marcus Rowland

Marcus Rowland

Member Since 19 Feb 2017
Offline Last Active Feb 15 2024 01:57 PM

In Topic: Earworm of the Day

14 February 2024 - 04:15 PM

This one's a trailer for the computer game Stelaris, the "sing along" version of a "space chantey" with some very nice graphics. A bit repetitive but fun and I now have the tune going round and round in my head...


In Topic: Earworm of the Day

08 February 2024 - 03:14 PM

Lazy Town's You Are A Pirate - someone mentioned it and linked to it in another forum, and I can't get the damn tune out of my head!








has it without ads.

In Topic: Some Sigma Acquisitions

25 January 2024 - 02:06 PM

Sorry, forgot to post this here - I took the 50mm out to the park a few days ago, didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked because I got out late and didn't want to walk home in the dark. What I have so far is here, I'll be adding more. Still no chance to use the big zoom due to weather and being in the middle of London - haven't even been able to get a picture of the moon!



In Topic: D50 replacement that won't break the bank?

24 September 2023 - 06:05 PM

One thing I forgot to say is that the D7000 is a good camera, but doesn't support AF-P lenses. At the moment that isn't a huge problem but it eventually might be, it's a technology used for most mirrorless cameras which means that they may prioritize it eventually. I think D7100 onward do have AF-P support, as well as the backwards support I bought the D7000 for.

In Topic: D50 replacement that won't break the bank?

17 September 2023 - 05:09 PM

Welcome mcdoug.


Yes, it’s an old thread but perhaps Marcus will tell us what he eventually replaced his D50 with.


The D50 is quite cheap on the second hand market here in the UK, but there are other options.

Wonder what your budget is?


I have two DX cameras, D3300 & D3200 which I use regularly. I’m trying to stop myself buying a D7200, but the price is still high for these – perhaps £350 - £400 from a dealer with warranty.


Wonder if you can find someone local to you to borrow another AF-s lens to quantify the problem you have with D50 / lens?

As I said earlier in the thread, I replaced my D50 with a D90. Still lots around, not incredibly expensive, and retains compatibility with the earlier AF lenses.


I eventually changed up to a D7000 because they still support the even older AI lenses, and I own a couple and like not having to mess around with guesstimating every shot, but that's not something most people need.


I'm currently thinking about going full-frame but there's no urgency about it - I'll probably go for a D610 if I eventually take the plunge. Just not the D600, judging by its reputation!