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In Topic: Z7 vs. Z6II

16 August 2021 - 02:38 PM

So I’ve been vigorously researching different cameras in my price range, different lenses for those cameras, and different companies as a whole, and I’ve finally sort of come down to a decision. I’m going to begin saving money for either the Sony A7III or the Nikon D780. I originally was crazy about the Canon R6, but ultimately decided it was just too expensive, and the lenses I could afford from Canon, just weren’t my favorite. Sony and Nikon have more lenses in my price range (which is pretty much $1,000 or lower except for the occasional splurge). If the Sony A7IV comes out before I finish saving, I’ll probably instantly jump fully onto the Sony bus.
I took my Z50 out this weekend to take pictures of birds, and experienced the full annoyance of the slow autofocus. Sometimes it straight up couldn’t focus on the birds. Then again, I was trying to take pictures of bald eagles and barn swallows.
I loved some of the sunset shots I was able to get on my Z50, though!

You are 100% right! Waiting is the best option for now
Maybe Nikon will launch a decent full frame mirror less action camera next year ! I’m not talking about the 6-7k$ Z9 ( which I think will be a piece of Junk)
My apologies to my lovely Nikon people (if someone listening)but we talking action, not shooting our 10 years old nephew on Sunday soccer game…
It’s Crystal clear that nobody gives a damn about Nikon anymore after the Z7ii SCAM!

For example , can I please get a Z6 with an 80%D500 focus performance : I’d pay a 3000$ tag with a smile on my face….But they’re not there yet or they want to sell more D780-D850 stock???
I’m just wondering if Nikon has the mirrorless technology to compete with the other 2 brands now?!
If yes, are they ready to kill all their DSLR ?! We are talking about thousands items in stock
the same thing about canon
It’s Obvious why Sony change the whole situation and I don’t blame you

In Topic: Z7 vs. Z6II

10 August 2021 - 02:42 PM

Thank you so much for such a detailed response! I’ve been heavily researching the Canon R6 since you mentioned it. I really do like it, but am hesitant to switch companies. I already have so much money invested in Nikon. I’m wondering—would the Nikon D750 and D780 be viable options? Are they comparable to the R6? I’d really like to switch to full frame if I could.

Yes, I feel you
I own close to 10000$ Nikon gear and I’m willing to sell it without any hesitation for the right price ( before it’ll go straight to Museum)…
I love Nikon but every photographer deserves the Mirrorless technology nowadays and I refuse to stuck in the past!
Why would you pay 2000-3000$ for a dslr?!!
I’m just wondering!!!
aren’t you curious to see what the other companies willing to offer??
Why all professionals are using Canons??

I’m a big camera WHORE (not a victim) and I enjoy to explore my choices…
Why would I settle with an average old technology and pay premium price Tags
Especially now that NIKON will not produce anything in JAPAN

I’m strongly advise you to stay away from D750 for lots of reasons.
Now a D780 will be a better choice for higher and “unreasonable” price tag, but why ???!!
You can get a used Z6i for half the price and enjoy better video quality, silent shutter, ISO performance, edge to edge sharpness with z mouth lenses and so many more!!!

Personally, I prefer to think like Consumer because there is no reason for me to be a NIKON FAN BOY anymore, I’m not that silly
Everyone left Nikon

Sony is one of the most underrated camera company’s in the world
You’ll be surprised what are capable of doing
Please check every stadium if you curious
Basketball, baseball, soccer, MMA and many more are using Sony equipment
They know about high speed Action and their software algorithm is UNREAL
Why would you pay TOP Dollar for a NIKON???
Sonys are ahead in technology but there’s no big lens selection especially if you go super telephoto except you if go Sigma and Tamron which is cheaper. I wish I could but I don’t have 10000$$ +++ for 400mm f/2.8 or 600mm f/4

Canon R6 will be my next camera I guess, sharing the same full frame sensor with the Canon 1DXIII which is the best action flagship DSLR made ( please check the specs)
Now, the most important thing for a photographer is that Canon super telephoto lenses are cheaper than Nikon and they are so many used in the market
Also the new RF glass is stunning
Oh before I forgot the Canon R6 will smoke every Nikon system in autofocus performance!!! Truly they are in another league

In Topic: Z7 vs. Z6II

09 August 2021 - 08:00 PM

The new mirrorless Canon R6 is killing it with the auto focus for reasonable price. Also they build for action all the way and do have plenty legit lenses to choose
I don’t want to talk about the R5 because it’s a 4000$ beast

I have no idea why nobody talks about that but All Nikon Z line have viewfinder with slow readout which is not processing issue, this is very critical because you will need the quarter of a second to catch up with the action

Sometimes The autofocus is unresponsive and unreliable for action/wildlife
I’ve used all the Z systems with my preference lens (Nikkor 500 f/4 ) and yes the Image quality is second to none but they are not going to serve you in the field!!!
They are slow with immature focus performance

After I tested the z7ii I realised that it didn’t worth the extra cash so I purchased a Z7i with 5000 clicks for 1300$
Now I’m a Z7i owner and Yes I do have couple action shots that I’m proud of but the keep rate is less than 40%
If you wanna go with the z7 prepare your pc , you’ll need at least 2 TB main hard drive

If you really like action and you want to stick with Nikon better go back to DSLR, just for now
Nikon D500 1600$ DX crop sensor same as z50
Nikon D850 3000$+++ full frame
Both are really fast action cameras if paired with snappy lenses but you’ll stuck in the past
My D500 served me well the last 4 years and still going strong

Unfortunately after Sony released the A9 5 years ago it changed the whole game
This is why DSLRs are going downhill now ..RIP

In Topic: Z7 vs. Z6II

09 August 2021 - 04:31 AM

Z7i &ii is great for stationary objects but not for wildlife
If wildlife is your thing you’ll be very miserable using Any of the Z system
I will strongly recommend to save a lot of cash and wait for the Z9 or just
……SWITCH SYSTEMS …..before it’s to late
I swear to god I will do the same

In Topic: Ridiculous combination

04 August 2021 - 12:54 PM

I have been surprised by how well the AF works, both on the Z50 and the Z6II. I didn’t expect it to work especially well, but it does!

Hm interesting