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#47220 Passenger Seat

Posted by JohnRNixon on 12 March 2017 - 04:55 AM

On a recent road trip I was treated to being a passenger. My wife drove all the way home. I took some dreadful shots as we went along, but as we crossed over the Pennines in to Lancashire the sun was going down and I was happy to get some more interesting images. Here is one. I hope you like it.

PS. There is a tint from the windscreen glass and I have left that, as is. I am happy with the colours, as they are as I recall them.

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#45118 Why do people cross the bridge?

Posted by JohnRNixon on 17 January 2017 - 03:17 AM

Actually, it was done both ways, by negative and print.  We wanted to see which way was actually best.  It was a difficult choice, so I went with the negative.  Thanks for viewing.  Tony

I always go with the negative and at as high a resolution as I need. I have an awful lot of 35mm slides and a reasonably proficient flat bed scanner that has a 35mm negative feed. I have also been disappointed by the process and I have out it down to the automation of the scanner focusing on the emulsion. I have inverted the film in the negative carrier, removed slides from their mounts and done the same. I am seriously considering one of the 'old style' slide copier extensions for the camera. That way one can focus manually an be satisfied that you ar getting the best result. The issue with those, and probably part of the issue with scanners, is that the film does not lie absolutely flat. So it is something of a problem for the amateur.

#45084 Winter in Cheshire

Posted by JohnRNixon on 16 January 2017 - 10:36 AM

One issue I have with my P7800 is the lack of a lens hood. With these two shots I was using my left hand to shade the lens.

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  • DSCN7115.jpg

#45082 The New Mersey River Crossing

Posted by JohnRNixon on 16 January 2017 - 10:19 AM

Three shots from different locations showing the ongoing construction of the new bridge across the River Mersey from Runcorn in Cheshire to Widnes in Mersyeside (nee Lancashire). The weather was not bright to say the least! I was also enjoying the flexibility of my P7800.

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#44918 Glasgow City Centre Nov 2015

Posted by JohnRNixon on 11 January 2017 - 01:36 AM

Hi, the staircase is within "The Lighthouse" on Mitchell Lane, it leads up to the viewpoint where the cityscape pictures were taken.

Aha! We took the lift. My wife doesn't do stairs very well so I never even looked. The escalator was out of service the day we visited too! Well, there's an excuse to revisit. :D

#44824 Hello from Lancashire!

Posted by JohnRNixon on 07 January 2017 - 08:50 AM

I have had a look around the forum and was impressed by the blog listing. I have taken it upon myself to post in that section with some of my pics. A little less intimidating.

#44822 Hello from Lancashire!

Posted by JohnRNixon on 07 January 2017 - 06:54 AM

I haven't used the Nikon for a while. I got a new Tamron 70-300 for my Canon 50D just after Christmas and that has been my new plaything.

Lancashire is a county that many people pass through, either by landing at Manchester airport or driving up the M6 motorway from North to South and vice versa. I will see what I have that gives a good and honest impression of the place. :)

Is UT Utah? 

#44391 Hello from Lancashire!

Posted by JohnRNixon on 23 December 2016 - 07:50 AM

Hi. I never know how to title the first topic post, but when I saw that Yorkshire title I had no other option. :D


I'm 61 years old and live in Blackburn with my wife Andrea. I have been an avid photographer since 1972 when I got my first SLR. I took up cycling the next year and swapped the bulky Practika for a compact Konica (I was on a budget being in my teens). The Konica lasted a long time, despite being dropped and having the filter ring skewed and the rangefinder no longer working. Next was one of those tiny Olympus XA2 jobs with a tiny bolt on flash unit. Fantastic for putting in a pocket when cycling. I hated the electric shutter switch though.


By the end of the Eighties I got back in to SLR work with a Yashica. That stayed with me until 1992 when it got stolen from the house in a burglary, along with a Pentax compact with zoom that ate batteries for fun!

I replaced that lot with secondhand stuff. A Pentax K1000, ME Super and a variety of lenses plus bits. They stayed until I went digital (and after, till I could bear to part with them).


First digital was a funny little Casio thing that had a fully articulated lens. Tiny resolution, but fun. Next a Sony F717. I liked the articulation. The sensor packed up on that and rather than get it replaced I saw a Sony V3 and got that.

First digital SLR was a Canon 20D. Swapped that for a Canon 50D. Feeling limited by the Sony V3 as my compact, I got a Nikon P7800 and that I was I am here!

I also had a hankering for a Fuji X100 so I have one of those too.

I eventually got up the guts to replace the sensor in the F717 so I have a working one of those again.