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In Topic: Mirrorless v DSLR

09 June 2021 - 02:13 PM

give tip and something to think about. nikon not on same level as canon or sony in mirrorless. and mirrorless not for all. so your better off renting before you buy. to see which one fits your needs. i only shot DSLR crop body's and my first full frame is mirrorless. when people ask why i like mirrorless is do not have shutter. but major thing i like about Z6 full frame is way better then crop sensor. 

In Topic: sensor test after cleaning it.

08 June 2021 - 04:49 PM

Just make sure you clean your screen first. :P  Specks, flecks, oil contamination, and bunnies seem to really show on a light blue backer of some kind.  Probably green, tan, yellow, pink, or any solid light color would do.  


I've had my share of specks and bunnies.  My D750 developed several on my Gettysburg trip, and had to erase them in Affinity and clean the sensor.  Easy enough task, but those wipes are kinda pricey! :o

also in long time clean my laptop monitor too. now going to give D7200 cleaning 

Finding spots before/after cleaning is to take a picture of something with as less detail (ie it being as uniform) as possible (prefereably the sky (blue or grey), but also a white wall, etc.) shooting a picture which shows details may hide the spots in the image.

Second important thing is to use the aperture with the highest value available on your lens (f22 and more), as on wide open apertures, the spots may be softened out.

With the above you should be able to already identify the spots on the cameras screen if you zoom in.

If you export the pictures to a computer with a photoprocessing software you may additionally increase the contrast to the max (it is not about viewing the picture in its best processing :) ) in the software to identify spots, if the aperture was f16 and more.

do not shoot over F/4.8 and if have to will do now. 

In Topic: New Camera

08 June 2021 - 01:29 PM

for $2000 can get Z5 or Z6 and be good. but all depends on how many full frame lenses you have. also keep in mind Z6 use XQD cards not cheap and need card reader for C port aka thunderbolt port. not also can get D780 or D750 for your range or D7500 or D500 best bet. but should upgrade to full  frame and see the light how much better it is over crop body 

In Topic: z5 - Battery Issues

08 June 2021 - 01:25 PM

its  your battery it could be old and does not hold it charge long enough. or you have wifi on and did not turn it off. never had issue with battery's i own still using same battery came with D7200 and work's great 

In Topic: sensor test after cleaning it.

08 June 2021 - 01:23 PM

Looks good.  I've always used a solid light blue, like the sky on a clear day, or a decent size cardboard.

where i live in FL hard to do since always over cast since raining season now. to dark and overcast to do so.