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In Topic: Hello! Photographing stars... any tips?

11 November 2013 - 11:50 AM

 How weird is this!....I also shot Pleiades just last night. With my D3000, I used my 18-55mm lens at 38mm, f/5.6 with ISO 100 and a 30 second exposure. Don't like the noise with a high ISO. Don't like the long exposure either, so from now on when I shoot the stars, I'm going with a shorter exposure...less trails.


So here's MY Pleiades.....

Good luck! Hope to see some of those pics here  ;)

Oh my gosh! This is awesome! I envy those who live with the northern lights!! Absolutely beautiful!!


Hi BonOIgirl, I thought since you posted your Pleiades, I should post mine too!

I think my focus is off though :-/


General star field

What a great thread!

I've spent many nights getting chilled to the bone or eaten alive by mosquitos trying to capture the night sky.





Seriously, great photo - I hope to have something that matches it someday! Can I ask what tripod you have? Mine is a cheap piece of crap, and even a small breeze can be enough to smudge an image :-/

In Topic: Hello! Photographing stars... any tips?

10 November 2013 - 04:53 PM

Wow, thanks loads for the comments and images!


It turns out my original plans for holiday photography in the Lake district were scuppered by ill children & hospital visits. Now that they're better and that, I thought I'd take advantage of the wonderfully clear night and head out into the Peak District National Park to get some shots.


I'll publish the metadata when I've had a chance to properly review the shots, but for now here are the unedited ones straight from my camera. Overall I'm pleased with my first stab at night photography... particularly the shot of the plough. However, feedback is really appreciated- please don't be afraid to call it like it is. I'm here to learn, after all!

Peaks Night 7
Peaks Night 5
View out towards Hathersage
Peaks Night 8
Peaks Night 3
There are a couple more in my image gallery if you're interested.

In Topic: Hello! Photographing stars... any tips?

24 October 2013 - 02:39 AM

Sounds great- I'm looking forward to seeing those- I think I need some more practice post processing.

I'll get some shots and ask your advice I think?


I'll also experiment with some different ISO settings... think it'll take some practice to see what the D40 does best.

In Topic: Hello! Photographing stars... any tips?

23 October 2013 - 04:59 AM

Hello Adam and Stas, thanks loads for the pointers.

I'm heading on holiday next week to the Lake District (North of England), and it'll be very remote. I'm hoping for some clear skies so I can try out some of the techniques mentioned in the links, and your suggestions Adam.


I had a teacher at school who built astrotracers, and I've been meaning to have a go for years. Perhaps a couple of good shots of static skies will help motivate.


I'll post some results... although I can't promise quality!


Ps. Adam, I do have a tripod (it's not great, but will do), but I was going to use the self timer instead of a remote. As a side point, I didn't think there was a remote for the D40?


Nevermind - I just bought the ML-L3 Remote Control from Amazon- hopefully it'll arrive before I go...