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George in Georgia

George in Georgia

Member Since 06 Jul 2016
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#41717 Epipen price gouging

Posted by George in Georgia on 25 August 2016 - 05:14 PM

With the controversy over Martin Shkreli's 5500% price increase for a legacy anti-parasitic drug, and the enormous price increase in the Epipen I was happy to find a link to a Consumer's Reports article on a "generic" alternative to the Epipen. http://www.consumerr...en-alternative/

My granddaughter Sofia carries the Epipen. I imagine that some forum members or their loved ones have severe, possibly life-threatening allergies, so I hope that this info is helpful.

#41602 Depth of field tables?

Posted by George in Georgia on 21 August 2016 - 05:38 PM

I am new to Nikon, via a recently acquired S2 rangefinder and several lenses.  A lovely camera! and the lenses are excellent, but.... only my 135mm and 105mm have depth of field markers on the lenses.  Anyone know of a source for printable DOF tables?  Since I have the Voigtlander 35mm and 21mm lenses such tables would be handy.  As would one for the f1.4 normal.


Also...how about a section for the Nikon rangefinders??  I'll bet many of you are shooting with these beautiful machines.

#40515 Recover deleted photos..

Posted by George in Georgia on 10 July 2016 - 01:49 PM

Whatever you do, don't write to the HDD.  IIRC the delete command essentially removes the "index" as it were and makes the folder available for overwriting the data - which is still there - with new stuff.


Is the folder still there, just according to properties empty?  If so, I think you're probably in luck.


Can other members step in?  I can't claim to be a 'puter expert....

#40510 Macro - why oh why did I do it!

Posted by George in Georgia on 10 July 2016 - 01:18 PM

The OP needn't apologize!  These are good.  Your success rate is good, closeup or macro is difficult, even for seemingly immobile flowers - always some !#$@#$@#$#$% little breeze at the wrong time. 


Herewith some musings from my closeup/macro "adventures."


For flowers and that sort, I feel a tripod is essential, along with a cable release (you can see I started out in film).  I'd suggest a tripod without the struts linking the legs to the center post; you want to be able to splay the legs independently.  Get one which will let you "get down and dirty" Gotta be willing to sit or even sprawl on the ground. Along with that a right angle finder is nice if your screen won't twist and tilt, those on my Pentaxes won't. I won't get into the ball head vs 3 axes controversy; for my use in closeup/macro shooting the 3 axis does the job.  Don't want things flopping all over the place!


With tripods you have to balance:  Sturdy.  Compact.  Cheap.  I've never seen one with all three attributes.  Used is good here.


A focus rail is worthy.  Here're  some examples:  https://www.google.c...cro photography  I have one of the $ 40.00 varieties, adequate to my needs.  These gems let you adjust your camera position within limits without moving the tripod. Only disadvantage is that they raise the camera's height.  If you use one of these be careful flopping the head for a vertical, you might overbalance things.  


Our friend from Sweden had some good points on lighting. Often a high overcast is the best lighting without supplemental lights or diffusers.


For butterflies and such size critters I've found the 18-55 Pentax kit lens is often adequate.  It focuses pretty close; I set the autofocus to allow the shutter to release only when focus is achieved.  I then focus by moving the camera.  I also have a Vivitar 100 f3.5 macro for moving closer.  Its manual focus, so I use the same "catch focus" technique as above.


The Vivitar is a true "plastic fantastic."  Build quality is only adequate, but the results are excellent.  Ratio is 1:2 continuous focus, 1:1 with the furnished achromat closeup lens.  Mine new was about $100, I don't think its available new now.  An inexpensive intro to macro formerly available in MF or Autofocus.


Depth of field?  Ain't much, as you already know.  There is focus stacking for which a focus rail and a stationary subject are essential. Otherwise stop down and take your lumps!  Of course at the smallest stops diffraction rears its ugly fuzzy head.


And, course, patience.....

#40495 Off Brand? Really, Adam.

Posted by George in Georgia on 09 July 2016 - 06:17 PM

Would not "Other Brand" be a better name?  Somehow the term "Off Brand" carries a pejorative "smell."    I have several different Other Brand cameras, including Pentax, Zeiss Ikon, Busch, Canon, Ricoh, Bronica, Retina, Voigtlander, and Balda.


Nikon is an honorable brand, but Zeiss and Voigtlander are older by many, many years.  Pentax with its AsahiFlex and the Pentax SLRs preceded the iconic Nikon F by several years. 


I'm not trying to ignite a Flame War, but perhaps a change in name might be considered.