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Computer will not recognize D3S via USB

10 September 2019 - 09:45 AM

I recently bought a lightly used D3S with 48,000 clicks.  When I connect it to the computer it is not recognized at all.  Nothing, nada.  Doesn't show up in the device manager, nowhere.  In fact the camera will still take photos as if it's not connected at all.  The usb port in the camera fits snugly as though it's not been used much and not signs of damage.  I've updated all usb ports on my windows 10 machine.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled all ports.  I've used multiple cables, a new cable.  I've scoured the internet and did almost everything minus reinstall windows.  I've connected the camera to multiple computers.  Nothing.  The only thing I notice is the activity light blinks once when I connect.  The top lcd displays as if it's not connected, with all information.  The D3S uses MTP/PTP and doesn't have a mass storage option.  There are only a few references of this phenomenon on the internet for the D3 and the D3S.  The camera is immaculate for it's age and I would hate to send it back for an exchange for the same grade of camera, because I can't see photos of it.  The main reason for my concern is that I would rather transfer files using the usb ports rather than taking the cards out each time (Computer CF slot reads card fine).  I know it's faster that way, but I don't shoot lots of photos at a time and i'm afraid of eventually bending the pins in the camera.  According to http://www.photosynt...kon/camera.html this particular camera was one of the last made before they stopped production.  1.  Do you have any ideas of why this is happening?  Possible that Nikon did away with usb transfer in their last batch?  2.  Do you have any advice?  3.  Am I better off keeping the camera?  I have 2 D700's and another D3S and they connect to any windows computer without a problem.  Thanks for your advice!