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My musings on technique and sometimes technology > Using the colour wheel to select filters for black and white

Posted 09 August 2022

Filters are subtractive, so they lighten their own colour and darken the reciprocal. To guesstimate the effect of a filter, you can look at the colour wheel and a sector of about 60˚ either side of the main colours for the filter will get the most pronounced effect.
This means that a red filter will lighten colours that span between magenta and yellow and...

My musings on technique and sometimes technology > Building Light, step by step.

Posted 04 January 2022

In 2010 I shot for 35 weeks in a row, a new theme each week and seven shots per theme for a coffetable book for prospective clients. I have translated week 7 to English and hope to be of interest.

Week 7: Building Light, step by step.
This week, I had a little helper. The little koala sits where he is put, unlike a live model and is often pressed into se...

My musings on technique and sometimes technology > Telemaster

Posted 03 August 2018

I am building a parkflyer-sized Telemaster. It is reduced in size from the original's 99" wingspan to only 36 1/2".

Framing up the wings.
https://farm1.static...30ca08889_o.jpg PES_2018-07-27_16-02-17_24mm_ by merco_61 , on Flickr

When returning to a hobby after many years, some upgrades and service work is to be expected.

My musings on technique and sometimes technology > From: Ransta trädgård

Posted 18 June 2018

Source: Ransta trädgård

My musings on technique and sometimes technology > My One week, one lens and one camera challenge

Posted 31 May 2018

The One week... challenge is over for now.
I achieved what I set out to do in that I am much more familiar with my 20 favourite lenses after using them on three different bodies over the past year and a half. Not being able to grab another, easier to use lens for the situation felt really limiting at the start. I soon got used to the limitations, however....