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70-300 VR self-repair / frankenlens?

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Does anyone know if Nikon uses universal "VR Modules" to build around, or if each one is tailored to the lens it works with?  And if semi-universal, is the 70-300 VR (AF-S) module used in any other lenses?

I have a 70-300 VR AF-S that is optically and cosmetically very good, but has something wonky going on with the VR. Symptoms appear to indicate that the VR stack won't "park" properly when inactive. When the camera is turned on, the image plane will jump 3 times, then remain springy and loose with VR off. With VR on, it will do the same thing, but OCCASIONALLY lock into VR mode when shutter release is half pressed. When VR is in intermittent active mode, it works fine. After the shot, it often fails to park again and the process repeats. Research has indicated that this is a fairly common issue with the lens in question, but is light on resolutions other than "send in for repair" or "buy new lens". Unfortunately the 70-300 VR falls RIGHT into the price window of "too expensive to just write off as a loss, and not expensive enough to justify Nikon repair rates". It would cost almost as much to repair as to buy another decent used copy.

I have disassembled it down to the VR group and verified that all the electrical ribbons/contacts are good, and the floating stack is properly suspended on its three little springs. The stack has free motion in X/Y through a fairly wide circle, and a bit of Z freedom that I assume is used when parking/locking. Given that there are no errors displayed, and that it sometimes works, and that it TRIES to park when off/idle, I'm thinking there is a mechanical alignment/tolerance issue preventing the stack from seating to the park position fully. Electrical should be OK.

I figure I can probably buy/sacrifice an 18-55 or 55-200 VR kit lens for $50 if the module would be transferable. I don't have one yet though, and if someone here definitely knows that won't work I'll save the $50 and not try it...