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Lens Advice for the Z9

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I'm very happy with my P1000, but eventually, I'm going to get the Z9 to take better quality photos.  I look at bird photography every day, and IMHO the Z9 takes better photos than anything on the market.  I'm also comfortable with the Nikon line.  I went from the S9100 to the B600, and then to my current P1000.  

The problem is that I'm spoiled with my 3000mm monster zoom.  With the camera's reach, I sometimes get bird shots in the field that nobody else can.


I'm sure that the longest zoom lens for the Z9 will be way beyond my budget, but I would like to know all of my options:

What is the longest zoom lens I can buy for the Z9?  Also, what are some good, more budget friendly (I'm sure these will have a shorter focal length) lenses?  

I've been a point and shoot guy my entire life and know nothing about lenses.  My use will be primarily for birding, but I also like to take photos of other wildlife and occasionally scenery.  

Also, is it best to stick with a Nikkor lens, or is it irrelevant?  Will equivalent non-Nikkor lenses be cheaper than Nikkor ones?


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The longest lenses you can get in Z-mount are the 600/4 and the 800/6.3. The 800 is about $6500 and the 600 about $15500. The 600 has a built-in teleconverter that turns it into a 840/5.6 lens.


If you crop to 20 megapixel, the 800 will give the same angle of view as a 1200 mm lens and the 600 with the TC active will be equivalent to a 1260 mm.


There is a 200-600mm zoom on the roadmap, but it hadn’t been released yet. 

There are no Z-mount long lenses from any third-party manufacturer yet.


If you are willing to use an adapter, all the current F-mount 150-600 lenses from third-party manufacturers work with fully functional autofocus. I am not sure how well the vibration reduction systems work on the Z9, though.