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Getting the right exposure on my Z7?

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I've finally started to use my Z7 in more "challenging" situations, read bad lighting, and there is something I don't understand. If I look through the viewfinder the image looks perfectly OK, and if I'm for example using shutter priority the Z7 can set the aperture to 5.6 or 8. And when I look at the photo, after actually taking it, the exposure also looks perfectly OK.


But when I come back home and start looking at the photos they are 1-4 stops too dark. I understand that the camera can display a jpeg (I shoot RAW) that have compensated for the underexposure, but how can I get the camera to show me how the exposure actually look like?


The same things happens when I take photos in manual mode, the scene looks OK in the viewfinder, the actual photo looks OK on the back of the screen, but it's 1-3 stops too dark when I view it in Lightroom.


It's kind of difficult to show what I see in the camera, I've tried to recreate it what I see in the two pairs below. The lighter photos approx show what I see in the viewfinder and when I view the photo I've taken, the darker is how the RAW files look like. The difference in these photos (the indoor is taken using aperture priority, the outdoor is in manual mode) are about 1.5-2.5 stops. 


Yes, I understand that there is a difference between the jpeg the camera shows me and what the RAW files but I've never had a camera (Nikon D80, D700, D4s, Lumix G9, GX80, GM5, Ricoh GR IIIx) that had a difference this big. Usually it has been 0.1-0.7 stops.


I guess that I'm missing some setting but which one (I tried turning the "Apply settings to live view" on/off but it doesn't seem to affect how the photos I've taken are displayed)??

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What Picture Control is set in the camera?

Do you have some kind of dynamic lighting set? Adobe software  has never handled this well.


Have you tried inst√§llning NX Studio and checking what the raw files look like processed with a raw converter that starts out with the full in-camera settings. 

If it would be easier to discuss things in Swedish, feel free to PM me.