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PGD Tracker vs Nikon DF-M1 Dot Sight

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For distant bird in flight photography with my P1000, I'm thinking about getting one of these.  Yeah, I know I can get something at least $100.00 cheaper, but I'm not going to be dealing with some kind of hot shoe converter.

They look the same to me, except some guy made a YouTube video and stated that once you calibrate the PGD tracker, you never need to recalibrate it again after you take it off your camera and put it back on.  Looks like that's not the case with the DF-M1.


PGD Tracker kit -https://www.amazon.c.../dp/B082HDP4JX/

DF-M1 Dot sight - https://www.amazon.c.../dp/B07GZ97VMW/

Is the PGD tracker better than the DF-M1?  Any other Dot sights for my P100 that fit directly into the hot shoe that are better than these?

I know that the P1000 has the snap back feature, but doing that, and the zooming back out can be too time-consuming, especially when tracking small, fast birds. 

I'm getting much better with my P1000 but am wondering whether I can vastly improve my in-flight bird pictures with a Dot Sight.  I imagine it will take a little experience to get a feel for the relationship between the view in the sight and the zoom level, but I should be able to get the hang of it.