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Using a strobe with D5600 in Live Mode

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Recently bought a D5600 to replace my old P7700 Point & Shoot camera. I love the upgrade in image quality and all the settings of the D5600 but having an issue with trying to take self portraits or really anything indoors using a strobe with the D5600 using Live Mode that I didn't have on the P7700.  With the P7700 if I swiveled out the LCD display so I can see what's going on, no matter what exposure settings I had the image was bright and I could see if I'm in focus, in frame, etc... adjusting the settings didn't show you what the image would look like ultimately, but had a light meter to show me roughly where I was at. With the D5600 when I switch to Live Mode, aptly so, the LCD display is showing me what the final image is going to look like as I adjusted the Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, etc. FWIW I mainly use Manual Mode.


The problem is when using a strobe. I bought a Yongnuo YN560 IV speedlite and remote transmitter but the problems are: 1). Adjusting the exposure settings manually for a strobe meant the LCD Display shows me little to no ambient light (which is good I don't want that!), but my camera can't auto-focus. 2). If I manually focus I still can't see anything in the LCD Display because it's not taking into account I'm using a strobe.


I haven't really seen anyone else with this issue as I've been researching this off and on for a couple of weeks, probably because most people are using the viewfinder instead of Live Mode but for instances where I'm taking self portraits or just want to use Live Mode for convenience there must be something I'm missing here?


Thanks for any help in advance!