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removing mold on lenses

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John Amsterdam

John Amsterdam

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I live in Costa Rica and we have a real problem with mold growing on the inside of lenses etc.  I bought a 200-500mm

zoom, and even though I keep it in a well ventilated room, mold developed within 6 months.  I did learn keeping the lenses in a lens bag or closed camera bag is a bad idea and it's important to let air circulate as freely as possible around everything, but you just can't stop it from happening.  I managed to get the front element off my 80-200 zoom and clean the glass, but can't figure out how to get open the 200-500.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you.







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I can’t help you with how to disassemble your lens, but if mold is such an issue in your country, have you considered a lens cabinet for storing your lenses to avoid the molt?

F.i. https://www.amazon.c...s/dp/B06XWW67JW



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I've seen a few videos on lens disassembly and repair, and I tell ya, it's nothing I want to attempt! 


As far as keeping them mold a cabinet like Jerry suggested with a dehumidifyer in it.  The type sold for gun safes should work well, they're an electric rod that gives off a low heat, (less than 150 degrees F and is safe for laying on a carpeted surface) .  One is called, ''Golden Rod''.  I have one in my carpeted gun safe to prevent rust.  Cost is about $40.00 U.S. for a 12 inch model and are available from, Brownells or most gun supply houses.