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Researching into the Z50 - Help

hdmi audio power off shut down clean hdmi

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Hello all,


I have some questions regarding the Nikon Z50. I am researching this camera since I bough a Canon M50 without much research and now I am back to square one for some limitations that this camera has and I am hopping the Nikon Z50 does a better job.


1. Does the camera shut down after 30 minutes? The Canon does and it is very disappointing. Apparently they do that to circumvent a legal classification to save taxes. There are ways to bypass this but it implies using software that adds latency and the software only links to one camera and I actually use two cameras and the software solution only links to one camera. Someone suggest to run two different apps each aiming to a camera but again, that's . This is a big, big impediment for me.


2. Does the HDMI OUT port carry audio? The Canon M50 doesn't so I need to plug the microphone to my switcher and there is some latency that creates lips sync issues.


3. Does the camera's screen shut off when you plug a HDMI cable? It does on the Canon.


4. Is it clean HDMI even with autofocus? So I don't live stream all the icons. The Canon cleans everything except the dynamic square that shows when you use autofocus so if you want a complete clean HDMI, you have to stream on manual focus.


I will appreciate if anyone could help with these questions.


Thanks all for any comment or link to more information.




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with all z body's if you leave camera idol for awhile it goes to black screen to save battery life. you should be able to get about 1,400 photo on 64gb memory card. so camera will not shut down unless battery dies or your idol to long or go to menu to change how long it stays on for black screen come on to save battery life. i own Z6 by the way. so i know about mirrorless camera for Z6/Z7 not for Z50 since never had chance to hold Z50 or seem what menu like. your other best bet is go to facebook and join nikon mirrorless groups i am in and ask there too. you find more Z50 and other that more info on what Z body's can do and not do. i have not tried or messed around with video mode on Z6


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