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Nikon D750 firmware update error, camera dead

d750 firmware

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My Nikon D750 recently started acting strange in the following ways:  would not take pictures in raw even though raw+jpeg selected, taking a picture would save to card but replace the oldest picture on the card, the mirror would go into lockup even though was shooting through the viewfinder and require a second press on the release, and finally got the dreaded "err" flashing.  


Removed the battery, cards, and lens for 24 hours, then was able to take 5 pictures.  Tried to access the menu functions, and the camera would not save any changes.  Tried different batteries, cards, lenses and finally saw that a firmware update was posted in January.  Downloaded the file on a freshly formatted card, and tried to update, the camera showed the update process proceeding until the end when it flashed "update failed, contact Nikon Customer Service".  The camera will not function now except to turn on.  Pressing any button has no effect, pressing the shutter release button sounds like the mirror moves into the lockup position, pressing the button again the camera goes into flashing err.


Finally my question:  is there anyway to force a reboot of the software running the camera?  Even if I get the camera running again to try a second firmware update, will it matter?  Is the camera DOA?


The service center is shutdown until the covid-19 restrictions are lifted, at which time I'm sure there will be a surge in repair requests.  I have already had the shutter repaired when it failed in the first year under warranty, this shutter has 2556 shots on it.  Considering another camera if this one turns into a once per year return to Nikon.




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I checked the camera out more closely after my post, and there are some functions working on the camera. 



Autofocus and shows the focus points in the viewfinder

Can adjust ISO with the button on the back and thumbwheel

Can adjust f-stop with thumbwheel

Can switch between different focus modes

Can change modes on the mode dial, verified on top LCD

Top LCD works - shows battery level, ISO, app and shutter speed, and focus mode... does not show any card info

Buttons on top of the camera work such as exposure comp and focus mode

Can sometimes get flash to pop up but won't fire.

Shutter will cycle although the first push will give flashing err and the second recycles the shutter and clears the err.  Watched the shutter while firing, it does not hang up but cycles fully.

There is metering showing on the top LCD display, but will not change if move the camera to brighter light after focusing but does change if I adjust the f-stop.

If I attach an older AIS lens, get the triangle next to the f-stop which tells me the camera can communicate with the newer lens.


Not Working:

Back LCD:  Last thing I saw on that was "Update failed, contact Nikon Customer Service"

Can't take a picture

Cards not recognized

Anything that requires the LCD screen such as menus or review

Connecting the camera to the computer does not work, don't think the USB port is active.  Nothing with the HDMI output either.


I saw several vendors offering new motherboards for about $120, but not sure the software and firmware are stored on the motherboard.  Shutter was working when the firmware failed.  If I had known the shutdown was going to last this long, I probably would have picked up the new motherboard just to try it. 


Will get a repair estimate when the service center opens up, can only imagine the backlog of repairs piling up during the shutdown.  If I had one of the former authorized nikon repair shops close by, I would talk to them as well but nothing within 50 miles of my location.


Back to using my D700, but do miss that flip-up screen!


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