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New Nikon 18-140 Lens

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I got used 18-140 lens, Gold Box 5 yr warranty (has expired) made in Thailand, purchased in the USA. So I think the takes the question of international version out, but either way it is mine now.


Have not had time to use it other than a few pictures to test, everything seems good and it looks new. I had read reviews on this lens and some complained that the lens would extend while walking abound. So I was expecting it to be loose. It is tight to the point I have to hold the camera tight when doing the zoom. I only have the 70-300 lens that came with my D5600 to compare to and it is not as tight. The 70-300 only has the 1 barrel come out and the 28-140 has 2, maybe that is the difference or maybe Nikon made some change to correct the loose issue. I ask the original owner that I purchased from and they said it had always been that way and they too had noticed it being tighter than their other lens but had never compared to another 18-140. It operates smooth and does not appear to be a problem but wondering if it should be a concern.


It came with a hood, I read about it and really do not understand what it is for or when to use.


The lens has a switch for Vibration Reduction, I read what it does but just question why have the choice to turn it On or Off ? With the option to turn it off brings the question of what are you losing with (what negative ) it on that you may want to turn it off to gain back ... if that makes sense.


Also a switch for auto or manual focus, I assume some may rather do the focus themselves? the 2 lens that came with my camera 18-55 and 70-300 do not have a switch so I assume the camera handles them. So if you turn the switch to Manual, does it over ride the camera?


Thanks for your Help!





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VR should be off when on a tripod. When the camera is held absolutely still, the raising of the mirror and the movement of the first curtain induce some resonance vibration that the VR system is still trying to fight even though they aren't there anymore during the exposure. This will render the photo slightly unsharp compared to having the VR off.


There are some situations where one might prefer to focus manually, sometimes even zoomed in in Live View. The M/A switch is faster to use than the focus selector on the camera and is a leftover from the screw-drive days when you reduced the wear on the drive gears by disengaging the AF on the lens as well as on the body. It overrides the camera setting.


Good luck with your new lens!



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no vr on tripod