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Z6 LCD in Cold Temps

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I was one of the thousands of people in the crowd today when Amy Klobuchar announced that she's running for President. It was snowing hard, and the temps were somewhere between 10F and 15F. I had my Z6 under my jacket much of the time, but of course, not when I was shooting.


During the middle of the event, the LCD stopped working. Went completely black. I'm assuming it was due to the cold, but I was still surprised and disappointed. The screen on my trusty D90 never failed, and I've done a lot of cold-weather shooting.


Is this a known weakness for this model, or could my particular camera just be more susceptible to failing in cold temperatures? 

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I guess no one knows! Although, as the Nikon Zs get used more, I imagine any common flaws will become known.

If it were mine I’d be wanting a very good explanation from Nikon or a replacement.

It’s worrying though, I’ve used Olympus OM-D and my Nikon D610 in some pretty cold weather and not had a problem like that - although the D610 stopped working after being out in moderately heavy rain for a couple of hours. It came back to life after drying out for a day. The Olympus (a very early OM-D EM5) seemed completely immune to weather.

Living in the U.K. it puzzles me that anyone would even think of building a camera (or lens) that wasn’t reliably weather proof.

Nikon Shooter

Nikon Shooter
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I've been in the Arctic with my cameras and I did not experience
anything like that.

Even today, my 600 ƒ4 mounted on a D850 spend the whole year
in the car… winter too!


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i have question did you push the button on to[p left of camera by view finder that can make LCD go black