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Low Rez DSC 0005 pinhole Web

ocean landscape pinhole long exposure


Craig C. Houdeshell

Low Rez DSC 0005 pinhole Web

"Morning at the Jetty" A different take on "Beautiful Blur." I thought I would interprete the title of the contest a different way. Many submitters and viewers will be be looking for "bokeh balls" and perfectly smooth out of focus backgrounds. I present a blur defined by the pinhole lens I used to take the image. The photo was taken with a homemade pinhole lens with an aperture (pinhole) at an estimated f/95. The pinhole lense was mounted on a Nikon N65 film body. I used Portra ASA 400 and scanned the image with a Plustek scanner. Notice that the center of the image is tack sharp and the image becomes more blurry as the eye moves away from the center. The is due to defraction as light enters the edges of the lens.