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D750 and D810 For Sale

Price - $900.00

Time Left - 5 Days, 13 Hours

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Oh my gosh!
I just typed out a very long, detailed, nice posting for these two cameras and then my laptop ran out of battery and I lost everything I typed! I don't have it in me right now in to retype everything I did, I will provide all the details again later but for now I will provide the basics:

D750 up for sale I'm asking $1,300 and this will include the camera, the d750 strap, and OEM battery and charger, and a 24 to 85 mm Nikon lens, and a 28 mm Nikon lens. if you want just the body with the strap and not the lenses talk to me we'll figure something out. the camera is in pristine condition I bought it new a few months ago and I used it for a couple months and then I got the d810 and so it is cosmetically and functionally and very very good condition.

The d810 is in cosmetically just okay condition it is missing a button and a couple things are a little stiff and it has the wear-and-tear you'd expect on a five year old camera but from 5 feet away that camera still looks like it's good. I would like to stress though at the skimmer functions perfectly, it takes very good pictures and behaves just like a d810 should. So while up close it may look a little tattered I have cleaned it meticulously and we'll provide pictures to show this but know that it functions very well and takes very beautiful pictures. The sensor is in great condition and is clean the LCD is not scratched or anything like that.
I bought it for $1,200 but am willing to let it go for 900.

was either of these two cameras please let me know if you are interested in other lenses or you need other accessories or need a bag or something like that I have equipment I can offer also if you have an offer different than what I've posted please talk to me. I am also willing and happy to trade.
I am always looking for good lenses, right now I am very interested in fast telephoto lenses 300mm and above, in vintage lenses with apertures 1.4 or larger, or high-quality zooms, in any case if you have lenses that are worth the amount I'm asking for these two cameras please let me know I am very interested. Also I am starting to dip my toes into astrophotography, so if you have tripods with relevant mounts and motor drives that will accept a camera mount please let me know I'm very interested as well. as a matter of fact if you have anything you think is worth such a trade please let me know and variation open to trades!

thank you very much for your time and checking out this ad I look forward to hearing from you.

(Yessss! Battery didnt die this


  • Condition See Listing
  • Original Owner Yes
  • Return Policy Always! Unless you're trolling me (thus buyer needs to pay shipping costs of returns)
  • Item Location San Jose, California
  • Shipping Destinations North America (or world, but would need to talk about it)
  • Shipping Cost TBD
  • Accepted Payment Methods Paypal, Venmo, ebay
  • Shipping Service(s) Usps
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